2020 Birthday Program

The 2020 Birthday Patch is here!!! We LOVE celebrating your TinySuperhero! You can get it in our Patch Store here!

Wait… So what is happening with the 2020 Birthday Program?

Okay, so here are the inside details about where we are with the TinySuperheroes Birthday Program and what it will look like this year.

If you’ve been brave enough to grow along with us the past couple of years you know first hand that we haven’t mastered our Birthday Program yet.  We apologize for that and appreciate your willingness to stick with us more than you know!

The good news is that we LOVE celebrating your TinySuperhero, especially on their birthday!  

The bad news is that we STILL haven’t figured this thing out yet.

As 2019 came to an end and we evaluated how we could better serve the Birthday Program. We had to make a hard decision.  We can’t properly serve the Birthday Program right now because our Squad needs our full attention on our Cape & Patches Program. We only want to offer things that will be a positive experience for your family and we can’t offer that with the Birthday Program yet. (We’re still flexing our Growth Mindset muscles…)

So, taking everything into thoughtful consideration, we have decided to not attempt the Birthday Program this year.  We sent over 30,000 Capes last year which is Extraordinary, and our Squad needs our focus to be in the right places now more than ever.

We still would love your child to have their 2020 Birthday Patch.  In our best efforts to make it as accessible to as many TinySuperheroes as possible, we will have it available in the store all year for just $4.

I want to recognize that we know $4 can be a lot of money. We know that, and while we wish we could offer it for free, we cannot sustainably do so. Thankfully, because of the sales of special patches like this and others, we are still able to offer your family a free Mission and Patch each month, and we are so thrilled about that! 

I hope you will understand our decision here, and know that we’re pouring our hearts into the Patches Program so that your TinySuperhero can be reminded that they are Extraordinary each and every month!

The 2020 Birthday Patch is available in the store now, and will remain there all year, so you can purchase yours at any time.


Robyn and the TSH Crew

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