$50 for a Lifetime of Value

TinySuperheroes is changing the way the world sees disability and illness. We want to be part of a child’s journey from the very beginning. As soon as they are diagnosed, we want their official cape to show up on their doorstep as a reminder that they are extraordinary. The cape is a universal symbol for courage, strength and hope, but the cape is just the beginning of the journey. 

To actually make an impact, we need to be in it for the long-haul, and that is exactly what we are doing with the following programs. Our hopes are that you find great value in embarking on this journey of a lifetime with us. 

  • The Patches Program: The Patches Program not only helps thousands of TinySuperheroes build confidence, but it also empowers the children and their families to take initiative and make an impact in their community. This is drastically different from so many other initiatives that help because we offer a hand-up to our families instead of a hand-out, because we know how incredibly strong our community is.  
  • Support group for the parents: Too often parents are left to scramble alone. With a support group of about 30,000 moms and a 90% activity rate every month, we aim to be there for the parents when things get hard. We have seen moms lose so much — including their friends, family and identity. That is why we are banding together to say that you are not alone. It is ok to feel overwhelmed by all of it because what you are facing, in our opinion, is the most difficult thing a person will ever have to go through. 
  • The Angel Squad: We want to be there for our families until the very end. Parents are not meant to lose their children. They are not supposed to watch them struggle for their lives. That is why we built the Angel Squad, a very special group where we remember the TinySuperheroes who have passed, sending notes and a gift of remembrance on every single anniversary of their death. 

By being there for our Squad through their whole journey, by impacting their community, and by reaching as many people as possible, we can feasibly change the way the world sees disability and illness. 

$50 sponsors your own cape. This is all we ask for the journey of a lifetime with us. Costs of our Patches Program, support group, and Angel Squad are built into this initial $50 sponsorship for your cape. Any dollar amount raised over that $50 goes directly to help other children get a cape as well. We recognize that some families are capable of asking more of their communities than others. That is why we are based on a pay-it-forward model. About 30% of cape campaigns will raise money, but this 30% raises enough to fund 100% of the capes! All we ask is that you share your campaign, because by just sharing you are helping us to raise awareness for how we are going to change the world. 

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