A Cape Full of Patches on Every Kid

The cape is just the beginning of the journey…

We asked 3,000 of our families if their children were part of an extracurricular activity or group…

80% said NO.

We asked them if they wanted to be…

98% said YES.

We knew we had to fix this.

So, as of January 2019, we launched the Patches Program!

Every month, our TinySuperheroes unlock a new superpower by completing a mission. For each mission that is completed, a new patch is earned for their cape, at no cost to the family!

Our original goal was to keep our Squad engaged, but what it has transformed into is so much more…

It builds confidence.

“It helps my daughter know that there are others out there like her. It gives us something fun to do together where we can talk about the importance of being true to ourselves and helps her to learn how special we all are in our own ways.” – Super Mom Jennifer

“The program helps give my kids the tools they need to navigate a childhood that is filled with scary things so that the wonder and amazement can fill their hearts.” – Super Mom Amanda

It builds friendships around the world.

“The patches program is important because it gives the children a sense of community. They know there is an entire group that loves and cares about them. It gives them an opportunity to be included and include the community around them. It allows them to make a difference and an impact on the world. My son and I still do the March Mission and leave drops of hope where we know it is needed.” – Super Mom Ziec

“My son loves getting the patches because to him it’s like a reward for completing something and he loves that people all over the world do the same thing as him. He likes seeing the different ways other kids do theirs and most importantly he loves that it’s something we do together kinda our thing and crafts are his favorite. He also made pen pals through this program and he loves getting mail and writing his favorite pen pal Hunter.” – Super Mom Amber

It strengthens family connections.

“It gives the kids a sense of accomplishment. My son looks forward to doing the missions, seeing how the other kids have done and of course getting something in the mail. I think it’s a good connection time between the kiddo and parent while doing them together. It opens up conversations that might be hard to open up without having this purpose. He seems to talk more freely while we’re doing the projects together. I think it connects him to the other TinySuperheroes knowing they are doing and dealing with the same things. So often he feels alone in his struggles.” – Super Mom Donna

“It’s encouraging, thoughtful and a true motivation. The missions bring together families for bonding time. It gives these TinySuperheroes something to look forward to and rewards them in the end. Something for them to be proud of and to have fun while doing. I think this whole program is AMAZING.” – Super Mom Patricia

It provides a way to educate and, hopefully, create change.

“It helps shine light on the MANY disabilities our littles have, and it allows us to bring awareness to the public as well.” -Super Mom Jenna

“It gives our TinySuperheroes the feeling of being part of something bigger than themselves.” – Super Mom Aub

Not to mention, it is just plain FUN.    

“It gives them a chance to escape the world we sometimes don’t understand. It gives us a chance to look paste all the medical. It gives us a reason to smile as we see their excitement. It gives them a sense of love outside of a world that doesn’t understand them but a group that does. It brings us parents a reason to feel like we aren’t failing them. A reason we can brag about our children when others don’t understand. Robyn thank you and your team for all you do!!!” -Super Mom Shelley

“It gives the child a chance to just be a kid and have fun, a break from the medical stuff :)” -Super Mom Marie

We were truly humbled by our Super Moms’ responses.

For us, seeing a cape full of patches means so much. It means that we actively take part in making a positive impact in our TinySuperheroes’ lives every month. It gives us a sense of pride, joy, and determination to make it even better.

Start your journey with us. We can’t wait to see your TinySuperhero grow. www.tinysuperheroes.com/patches

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