A Mom’s Intuition

Intuition is a strange, impressive phenomenon… But a mother’s intuition is so much more. A mother’s intuition is a force that shouldn’t be reckoned with. It’s a feeling that comes from deep inside. It is unexplainable. It is powerful.

A mother’s intuition saves lives.   

It is no wonder that our Squad of TinySuperheroes is so strong and brave. How could they not be extraordinary when they have real-life Super Moms raising them? 

These are just a few examples of how our Super Mom’s have used their superpower of intuition: 

“One afternoon, my husband Jon and I were driving down the road when an ambulance pulled out of the fire station. I told Jon if the ambulance turned towards our house I was turning around. Well, sure enough it turned in the direction of our house, so the chase was on. A feeling came over me as if I were being choked, and I told Jon I knew they were going to our house. Of course he is telling me what a nut I am. We got stuck at a red light. I wanted to run it, but Jon wouldn’t let me. He told me to calm down and that the ambulance was long gone, but I told him I felt like I was being strangled and was going home. Turning onto our street I could see the ambulance with both back doors open and lights still flashing at the end of my road… they were indeed at our house. I ran both stop signs and saw the EMTs walking to the ambulance with our son Braylan. He was stung by a bee and is allergic. Our older son shot him with his Epipen while grandma called 911. Jon’s mom asked how we knew to come home… Jon said, ‘We saw the ambulance pull out, and Lisa just knew.’ Mother’s intuition… it’s real.” -Super Mom Lisa West 

Trust your gut.

“My daughter was 4 months old when I felt a small lump where her liver is. I brought it up to her doctor, and he felt around and didn’t feel anything. So, he said if I feel it again to let him know. (I thought I was being paranoid.) A month later at her checkup, I expressed how I was concerned that she wasn’t gaining weight like my two older girls did at her age and she wasn’t reaching her gross motor milestones. He didn’t seem concerned, but he saw that I was not happy about his response. So he asked me if I wanted her to be admitted to the hospital for testing. I said yes, and she was admitted that day. It turns out she was malnourished because there was a giant tumor taking up almost all of her liver. She just finished round 4 of chemo and is going to have surgery next month. Trust your gut mamas! Who knows what would have happened if we didn’t catch it when we did.” -Super Mom Jamie Farfante 

Your opinion matters. 

“Lyla was 2 months old, still in the NICU. She was already short bowel syndrome due to Gastroschisis. She was working her way up in tube feeds and had just a day prior started to attempt nursing. She was only allowed to nurse a couple of times a day after I had pumped. First day nursing went great, second day started off great, but by that night my baby wasn’t acting herself. She wouldn’t latch and wasn’t happy. I knew something was wrong. The nurses just thought I was discouraged because Lyla wouldn’t latch, but I wanted a doctor to come check on her. The on-call doctor came and told me, ‘As long as she isn’t vomiting green stuff she is fine.’ I couldn’t shake the feeling and demanded an x ray. The doctor acted like I was overreacting. But they did the x ray. Within 5 minutes, Lyla was swarmed by nurses and doctors. Removing her NG and hooking her up to wall suction and drawing labs, running antibiotics. That same doctor came to me and said, `You saved Lyla’s life.’ Lyla had Necrotizing Enterocolitis. She ended up getting very sick and required another surgery to remove more bowel and place an ileostomy. Things could have been deadly if we didn’t catch it as early as we did.” -Super Mom Courtney Watkins 

Be persistent.

“When my TinySuperhero was four months old, he caught a cold and started gasping for breath. For two months I sought different doctors every week, only to be told that it was nothing to worry about. I had to keep pushing and trusting my intuition. It wasn’t until they started to worry about shunt malfunction that they finally became concerned about his breathing. Three weeks in the PICU and a brain surgery later… Now he breathes much better! I learned from that to push when I KNOW something is wrong.” -Super Mom Sean-Kait Saffold 

You know your child best. 

“When my son was nine months old, he was playing on the floor and I noticed that his head was moving side to side but it didn’t look like it was voluntary. (It was a very slight change.) I said something about it, but everyone just brushed it off… The next day his eyes would take spells of going round and round in circles, and that’s when I got really worried. I told my family and everyone that something just didn’t feel right, so the doctor agreed that it was odd and referred us to a pediatric eye doctor. He thought it was nothing serious, but I pushed. Then, just to make me feel better, he said that he would order an MRI… The night before the MRI, I called my mom crying because I knew something was wrong with my baby. Sure enough, after the scan, they pulled us aside in recovery and told us that he had an aggressive optic pathway glioma, and if we wouldn’t have caught it when we did and started treatment immediately, that he would have died.” – Super Mom Amanda Turner Smith  

There can be so much doubt, skepticism and negativity in this world that so many don’t understand, but just remember, you are a Super Mom. Your child would not be here without you. When that feeling of intuition creeps up, listen to it.

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