A TinyNote from Robyn 11.17.19

There were a few years when my son, Rory was about 4-6 years old that he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming with writhing pain in his legs. There wasn’t anything I could do to take the pain away, other than give ibuprofen and hope it kicked in.

Growing pains came as an unexpected challenge to me as a mom. Here is something that we hope and expect for our children – that they will grow – yet with growth, for whatever reason, comes extreme pain that is only relieved by time and movement.

Last night I was investigating a series of emails telling us that kids’ capes were being shipped to the wrong addresses. When I’m focused on getting capes out to kids (to lessen their wait and be sure they all receive them before the holidays) emails like this make my heart sink to the floor.

Almost unanimously issues like this are caused by human error (me being the human behind the error) and in this particular instance it was one sort in Excel gone wrong that led to 200 capes shuffling to the wrong places.

When I finally found the source of the problem, I realized these were growing pains – unavoidable things that hurt me and sometimes others, and that the only way to get past them is to keep moving.

I am sad for the confusion that mistakes like these cause, but I have to smile because growing pains are direct indicators of growth, and even though they hurt, it is evidence that our Squad is growing.

I have sat next to a screaming Rory for many nights as he fought through his growing pains, and I want to thank you for sitting with me through as I fight through them as well.

Now, back to shipping capes!


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