how it all got started…

My name is Robyn Rosenberger. In August 2012, I made a special cape as a gift for my nephew’s birthday because of his love for superheroes. And as a result, I made a few more for the other superheroes (kids and dogs) in my life.

During this time, I was following a blog about a sweet girl named Brenna who was born with a very rare and severe skin disorder. I became enamored with her story and was in awe at the strength that radiated from Brenna and her family.

I had an AHA moment … Brenna was a superhero – she needed a cape!

We sent Super Brenna her cape and my small hobby of making capes turned into a movement in just months. We began sending capes to children overcoming any illness or disability. Since 2013, TinySuperheroes has empowered over 60,000 kids all over the world!

With each cape, my heart, passion and desire to create positive impact for these children has only grown. So our mission to empower extraordinary kids continues, and in many ways, has only begun…

what their parents are saying…

“We still bring Gabe’s cape with us to every hospital appointment. The TinySuperhero community has been a wonderful connection to have.”

-Kate Glocke

“Everyone here is familiar with Naylah and they love how she always carries her cape with her. (If that cape could talk she would have some story to tell!) It has followed her through many procedures. Thank you again it means so much to be part of such an amazing Squad.”

-Daniella Cisse

“Charlie and Cooper were SO EXCITED to receive their superhero capes just like Crew’s. I don’t think Cooper has taken it off yet honestly. Thank you so much for always thinking of our Super Crew and his big Super brothers. It made all of our hearts just as full too!”

-Mandy Long

“My daughter received her superhero cape two years ago. I was reminded while watching her video at how for that moment she wore it, I felt empowered and not at a loss anymore. I knew how brave she was but the image of her in a superhero cape sealed it.”

-Valerie Montroy

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