Anna’s Army – Accessible Egg Hunt!

Less than a year ago we were having an event at TinySuperheroes, and I first met Super Ava. Super Ava is not one that I’d ever forget. She is beautiful, strong, confident and exceptionally smart for her age. Super Ava came to the TinySuperheroes Squad via her sister Annaliese, who lost her life at age 8 due to complications related to the neurodegenerative disorder, PKAN.

Super Ava and her family were devastated to lose Super Annaliese, but they wasted no time ensuring that Annaliese’s legacy would live on, radiantly. They started Anna’s Army, and the beauty that Anna brought her family is now spreading to many others.

Anna’s Army is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to helping children with physical disabilities better access play and leisure activities. They are doing amazing things, and we were honored to partner with them for the Spring Playdate and Accessible Egg Hunt that they planned!
There’s this place in St. Louis called the Magic House. It’s amazing. It has been around since I was a kid, though it has quadrupled in size in the last 30 years. It’s a children’s museum and has so many fun things to see, new exhibits to visit, activities like crafts, bubbles and water…

If there was one downfall to the Magic House it is that it’s so awesome that tons of people want to be there! It can be a bit overwhelming with the crowd, so Anna’s Army rented out the entire Magic House to allow amazing kids who might otherwise have a hard time getting around the opportunity to enjoy the Magic House, too! And even cooler, they hid eggs all over the place and created a special accessible egg hunt for our friends with physical differences.

It was awesome! They did things I never would have thought of to make the egg hunt fun for everyone! I think my favorite part was how they put velcro on the eggs and then placed gloves on the kids hands! The child could simply touch the egg with their glove, and it would stick! They also hid eggs in sensory bins and tied big balloons to eggs, so they could grab the balloon string from their wheelchair! Every time I have the privilege of participating in accessible activities, it opens my mind more each time, without fail.

Probably what filled my heart the most tonight was how many TinySuperheroes were there! TinySuperheroes that I had never met before! And for the kids that came who weren’t TinySuperheroes…well, now they are! I’m so excited to get their capes to them! It is so life-giving to be around our Squad!

Enjoy some photos, and if you ever get the opportunity to go to an accessible event, you won’t regret it! We have so much to learn to build a world where our TinySuperheroes have equal opportunities.

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