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Meet the Crew: Joe

TinySuperheroes wouldn’t be here without Joe. Literally. He has been here since the very beginning. Robyn began her journey by sewing capes in her kitchen as gifts for her family. But what you DIDN’T know is that TinySuperheroes started in Joe’s kitchen too… And guess what? He even gave Robyn her very first sewing machine! […]

Meet the Crew: Kenzie

Need a problem solved? Kenzie is here for you! She has the super-human ability to solve any and every problem. From answering customer service questions, to doing all of the very necessary and very many random jobs at HQ, Kenzie has got it covered! Kenzie pours her heart into everything she does, and she is […]

Glasses are Cool.

We have an AMAZING online community. TinySuperheroes from across the world joined together to empower Super Megan when her mom mentioned that she was being bullied at school for wearing glasses. We were so inspired by our Squad that we created our new Glasses Patch to remind our TinySuperheroes that their glasses are one of […]

2020 Birthday Program

The 2020 Birthday Patch is here!!! We LOVE celebrating your TinySuperhero! You can get it in our Patch Store here! Wait… So what is happening with the 2020 Birthday Program? Okay, so here are the inside details about where we are with the TinySuperheroes Birthday Program and what it will look like this year. If […]

Spina Bifida National Playdate

You know those times in your life where you agree to go somewhere, but you really have no idea what you just signed up for? Like this could be AMAZING, or it could be the exact opposite… Well, that was kind of my feeling for the National Spina Bifida Playdate. The car was packed, the […]

A TinyNote from Robyn ❤️ 11.28.19

My Grandma Jean was a strong woman of faith. She lived out her faith the same way she lived out her life, with a spirit of gratitude. She specifically held tight to this verse in 1 Thessalonians: “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you.” Whether your beliefs lie in Christianity, […]

TinyNote from Robyn 11.24.19

If you were to simply refer to Facebook to learn about TinySuperheroes, you might be led to think that I do most of the work. True that I am the one on most of the videos, but far from true that I do most of the work. I hope to give you a good glimpse […]

A TinyNote from Robyn 11.17.19

There were a few years when my son, Rory was about 4-6 years old that he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming with writhing pain in his legs. There wasn’t anything I could do to take the pain away, other than give ibuprofen and hope it kicked in. Growing pains came […]

TinySuperheroes Holiday Party 2019

Join us for for the annual TinySuperheroes Holiday Party! There will be a touch of magic, lots of food, fun activities, and you will be surrounded by the TinySuperheroes community! (An elf dropped by HQ to tell us that Santa even said he was coming!) It all begins at 9am and will end at 11am. […]

Meet the Crew: Megan K

Megan gets ship done. Whether it’s patches, gear or capes, Megan is the one making sure these items get to our TinySuperheroes! Megan also has her ship together. She is organized, a multi-tasker and efficient, which are all key qualities to have here at HQ! On top of working at HQ, her and her husband, […]