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Learning from Leaders

For awhile now I’ve been looking for opportunities to bring our message of inclusion to young students – I want to help them see that our differences are what make us Extraordinary! We’ve had a variety of opportunities with classes in the past couple of years, but today we had the privilege of bringing TinySuperheroes […]

A TinySuperheroes Race for ALL Abilities

October is Abilities Awareness Month and on October 11 we had the most inspiring opportunity to celebrate it! The Kirkwood High School Women’s Cross Country team hosted the second annual TinySuperheroes Race at their home meet this year! The Cross Country team approached me last year because their amazing coach wanted to pursue a greater […]

It’s the small things

“Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice the little things that give life its magic.”  -unknown   I want to share a little thing with you that is so very BIG. Super Beau and his sidekick brother Super Gus have been on our Squad for […]

Spina Bifida Awareness Month

One of the things we value most at TinySuperheroes is our opportunity to raise awareness for the conditions that affect our TinySuperheroes and their families. I learned quickly that awareness leads to funding, which is necessary for new treatments and cures.  So, for families who are reliant on new treatment options to help their children, […]

From a Wheel Perspective

Our oldest son, Super Rory, started Kindergarten last week. On the supply list was a yoga mat for rest time. School started last Wednesday. We are pretty much behind on everything in our life, so we did school shopping on Monday…which meant both Target & Walmart were sold out of yoga mats. (Seriously?!)  Monday night […]

Own It.

Sometimes it is hard for me to talk about TinySuperheroes. I mean, I talk about TinySuperheroes all the time…but when it comes to really talking about it… I often keep it to myself. TinySuperheroes has woven itself deeply into my heart. When faced with an opportunity to share it with someone, I have a deep fear […]


Perseverance is defined as “steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” Perseverance is our theme for the month of May. It feels quite fitting for me personally. I’m in a tough season of life at the moment…a season that is simultaneously full of blessings and full of trials…and I’m finding that reflecting […]

Super Sheldon Post-Surgery Update!

We’ve been so overwhelmed by the loving support that you all have shown us.  I wanted to update you on Super Sheldon (at risk of feeling like I’m bombarding you!) In 2015 our middle son, Super Milo, spent 8 days in the hospital fighting RSV. Other than that, and many quick ER visits!) I’ve never been […]