Who’s the most inspirational person you know?

I assume you’ve heard Kid President, right? If you haven’t yet, stop reading this right now and go check out his YouTube channel!

If you don’t already know, he’s an internet celebrity who happens to have osteogenesis imperfecta, a disorder more commonly known as Brittle Bone Disease.

The reason I love Kid President is because he embodies what I’ve learned from every TinySuperhero on our Squad. Our biggest challenge is the very thing that makes us who we are… Our greatest weakness can also be our greatest strength!!

Whether your child’s uniqueness springs from a disorder like osteogenesis imperfecta or from something as simple as a passion for building legos, I believe each child is unique and Extraordinary! Within each child lies a superhero, and it is our task at TinySuperheroes to make your child feel like a superhero, and more importantly, understand why this is!

The Launch Mission for the TinySuperheroes Membership is called “Be You!” We wanted to start every membership with this Mission as the foundational piece for members to start recognizing the things that they can use as their special superpowers!

And don’t forget, with each Mission your TinySuperhero completes, they will earn a new patch for their cape to remind them of their strengths! The Launch Mission will earn our TinySuperheroes the “Be You” patch. The first of many…  

Love, Robyn