Become a Hero: Buy One, Give One

Hi!  Super Puddles here. Since we featured our first TinySuperheroes, we have been introduced to SO many more Extraordinary TinySuperheroes. We’ve met  SuperBrenna’s friends, Isaac’s friends, Wyatt’s friends, Case’s friends…and their friends’ friends! These kids are amazing and have overcome so many obstacles in their young lives, and we think they all deserve to be empowered with their very own TinySuperhero cape!

But we’re going to need your help! For the month of February, we are going to Spread LOVE and empower all of these Extraordinary TinySuperheroes! For every one cape you purchase at our new online store, we will donate a second cape to an Extraordinary TinySuperhero! Our goal is to sell 50 TinySuperhero capes so that we can empower 50 additional Extraordinary TinySuperheroes in February! That’s 100 new TinySuperheroes empowered in one month! We can do it with your help!

We have a long list of Extraordinary TinySuperheroes who are ready to be empowered, but if you have one in mind, we’re happy to donate your additional cape to them!

Please consider helping us empower Super Brenna, Isaac, Wyatt, and Case’s fellow Extraordinary TinySuperheroes, by purchasing a personalized cape for your special TinySuperhero from our new online store below:


In just one month, TinySuperheroes has evolved immensely, so we want to share our Mission Statement with you:

TinySuperheroes is a small organization that seeks to empower our little ones — one cape at a time. Proceeds from cape sales enable us to spread the love!  We donate TinySuperhero capes to extraordinary TinySuperheroes who exemplify strength and determination as they overcome great adversity. When you empower your TinySuperhero, you help empower others, too!

Thank you for helping us empower these Extraordinary TinySuperheroes!

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