It’s Super Kansas’s Birthday!

Hey guys! It’s Super Kansas here! I was hoping you would help me celebrate by supporting my TinySuperheroes Squad!

I LOVE being part of the TinySuperheroes Squad. One of my favorite parts is that each month, I can earn a new Patch for my Cape! (We unlock our superpowers to earn Patches!)

So for my birthday, I want to raise money for our Patches Program so that even more kids can earn their Patches, too!


Can you help? Every dollar matters when it comes to making my TinySuperhero friends feel Extraordinary!



  1. Enter any amount in the first white box.
  2. Tap the white box at the bottom to support the TinySuperheroes Patches Program.



raised of a $25.00 goal

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Thank You Sponsors!

Oh! One more thing! Just by sharing this campaign I am earning my 2019 Birthday Patch! And if we reach $100, they’ll send me a birthday gift, too!

To learn more about the TinySuperheroes Patches Program, click here!