Meet the Crew: Joe

TinySuperheroes wouldn’t be here without Joe. Literally. He has been here since the very beginning. Robyn began her journey by sewing capes in her kitchen as gifts for her family. But what you DIDN’T know is that TinySuperheroes started in Joe’s kitchen too… And guess what? He even gave Robyn her very first sewing machine! So really, it’s all thanks to Joe that TinySuperheroes exists. (Can we get a round of applause?)

But really, Joe has supported Robyn and encouraged her to follow this path. This takes great patience, courage and strength, and TinySuperheroes is blessed to finally officially welcome him as a full-time employee at HQ!

Here is brief overview of some of our favorite things about Joe that make him… well Joe! Joe has this breeze about him that is just so easy-going. He can make everyone and anyone feel welcome. He has a quick wit and an easy smile. He’s the go-to man for good coffee and a true food connoisseur. However, his most famous trademark is his long, luscious red (grey) beard.

For every “Meet the Crew,” I ask each employee how they got involved with TinySuperheroes. When I asked Joe, he said, “I lucked into it.” But lucky for you, I know the real story. And it’s the best type of story… A love story.

The year was 2008. It all started in Philosophy class. Joe knew Robyn was the one when she gave him the “hang-loose” sign after class. 🤙 He later swept her off her feet, and they soon eloped on a mountainside in Seattle, and had three beautiful monsters (cough, cough, children*)- Rory (8), Milo (5) and Sheldon (2, almost 3).

Since then, Joe has worked in Human Resources, until recently when TinySuperheroes snatched him up to be part of our Crew.

“Working at TinySuperheroes is unlike anything I have ever done professionally . . . I get to do a lot of exciting challenging things. It’s also great that we get to see how our day-to-day activities impact the TinySuperheroes’ community,” -Joe Rosenberger.

In addition to Human Resource related activities here at TinySuperheroes, Joe makes sure all of the capes get out the door. This is no easy task, and Joe has proved himself wonderfully. We have never been more caught up…. EVER! The office is more organized, and there is so much more help in all of the many other random activities that start-ups encounter. Joe is the perfect addition to our TinySuperheroes Crew, bringing so much balance both professionally and personally. We ❤️ you, Joe.

Meet the Crew: Kenzie

Need a problem solved? Kenzie is here for you! She has the super-human ability to solve any and every problem. From answering customer service questions, to doing all of the very necessary and very many random jobs at HQ, Kenzie has got it covered!

Kenzie pours her heart into everything she does, and she is constantly radiating compassion and thoughtfulness. So it is no wonder she is a PERFECT fit here at TinySuperheroes HQ!

“I am passionate about helping other people do the things they really want to do. I really love making sure people feel cared for and seen and helping make their burdens feel easier even if it’s through just helping them do one small thing.” -Kenzie

Kenzie seems too good to be true… So, I took the initiative to try and get some dirt on her. And who better to ask than her office-mate, Kristi! While I didn’t find any… I can reveal that Kenzie has her very own pair of work slippers! 😂

“Kenzie has been such an incredible addition to our team. She is an incredibly hard-worker, with an amazing attention to detail. We can always trust that she is going to do an amazing job with whatever she is working on. She makes a perfect office-mate!” -Kristi

When she has some time to herself you can find Kenzie drinking her morning coffee, reading in cozy corners and curling up with her favorite people (aka her husband, Andrew) with a bowl of popcorn to watch movies! One of the coolest fun facts about Kenzie is that she LOVES to celebrate birthdays! (Fun fact: She is also AMAZING at Calligraphy!)

Everyone has their own kryptonite though… and Chinese food and Target are Kenzie’s!

“Chinese food. I can’t say no! I could eat it every night of the week and never get enough. It takes all my money. And Target. Target takes all my money too.” -Kenzie

We love you, Kenzie! Thank you for making everyone at HQ’s lives easier. Thank you for the kind little notes and thoughtful gifts. Thank you for the hard work you do every single day.

Glasses are Cool.

We have an AMAZING online community. TinySuperheroes from across the world joined together to empower Super Megan when her mom mentioned that she was being bullied at school for wearing glasses. We were so inspired by our Squad that we created our new Glasses Patch to remind our TinySuperheroes that their glasses are one of many things that make them Extraordinary!

The positivity goes on forever. Truly powerful and incredible.

The power of social media can be used for so much good. For a community of courage strength, and hope, join our Facebook Group.

To encourage your TinySuperhero that everything about them is Extraordinary, especially their glasses, check out our specialty glasses patch here.

2020 Birthday Program

The 2020 Birthday Patch is here!!! We LOVE celebrating your TinySuperhero! You can get it in our Patch Store here!

Wait… So what is happening with the 2020 Birthday Program?

Okay, so here are the inside details about where we are with the TinySuperheroes Birthday Program and what it will look like this year.

If you’ve been brave enough to grow along with us the past couple of years you know first hand that we haven’t mastered our Birthday Program yet.  We apologize for that and appreciate your willingness to stick with us more than you know!

The good news is that we LOVE celebrating your TinySuperhero, especially on their birthday!  

The bad news is that we STILL haven’t figured this thing out yet.

As 2019 came to an end and we evaluated how we could better serve the Birthday Program. We had to make a hard decision.  We can’t properly serve the Birthday Program right now because our Squad needs our full attention on our Cape & Patches Program. We only want to offer things that will be a positive experience for your family and we can’t offer that with the Birthday Program yet. (We’re still flexing our Growth Mindset muscles…)

So, taking everything into thoughtful consideration, we have decided to not attempt the Birthday Program this year.  We sent over 30,000 Capes last year which is Extraordinary, and our Squad needs our focus to be in the right places now more than ever.

We still would love your child to have their 2020 Birthday Patch.  In our best efforts to make it as accessible to as many TinySuperheroes as possible, we will have it available in the store all year for just $4.

I want to recognize that we know $4 can be a lot of money. We know that, and while we wish we could offer it for free, we cannot sustainably do so. Thankfully, because of the sales of special patches like this and others, we are still able to offer your family a free Mission and Patch each month, and we are so thrilled about that! 

I hope you will understand our decision here, and know that we’re pouring our hearts into the Patches Program so that your TinySuperhero can be reminded that they are Extraordinary each and every month!

The 2020 Birthday Patch is available in the store now, and will remain there all year, so you can purchase yours at any time.


Robyn and the TSH Crew

Spina Bifida National Playdate

You know those times in your life where you agree to go somewhere, but you really have no idea what you just signed up for? Like this could be AMAZING, or it could be the exact opposite… Well, that was kind of my feeling for the National Spina Bifida Playdate. The car was packed, the details were fuzzy, but off we went on a road trip to Kansas City! My stomach was a big melting pot of anxiety and excitement.  

And well…

It was AWESOME. 

I met so many new TinySuperheroes. Everywhere I looked there was a kid soaring through the room. It was just a blur of different colored capes and smiles. 

What really took me by surprise though was how many kids were there that already had capes! More than 100 kids join our Squad everyday, so despite my want to know each and every kid personally, I can’t! Especially considering so many capes are sent across the world, so far away from HQ (St. Louis, MO). 

One kid in particular, Super Cade, had a cape absolutely FULL of Patches. He was completely invested in the program. This meant so much to me. It never fails to make my heart swell when I learn that TinySuperheroes has positively impacted someone’s life. It is hard to imagine that what I do on a daily basis could have such a profound effect on someone, but sometimes, it really, really does. And to see this, and be lucky enough to meet a new Squad member that has been impacted, is truly a blessing. 

I got to hangout with some realllyyyyyy cool people too. 

For example, there was Danny Lamb and Em Jordan, who came all the way from Canada! They are an inspiration. Em is battling Spina Bifida, and Danny is battling Hydrocephalus. But BOTH are using their musical talents to raise awareness and spread positivity!

And there was Mario, who is a TinySuperhero regular and friend! He’s awesome (as are his mom and dad.) If you haven’t heard us talk about him before, you DEFINITELY need to check him out here:

Oh, I can’t forget Aaron Wheelz. He was no doubt the coolest person at the entire event, but what made him even cooler was how down-to-earth he is and how good he is with kids!

And of course, there was Ginger, who put the whole event together! Despite everything thrown at her, she made the event wonderful. 

We want to start attending more conferences! So, if you go to any conferences that are just awesome, let us know! 

A TinyNote from Robyn ❤️ 11.28.19

My Grandma Jean was a strong woman of faith. She lived out her faith the same way she lived out her life, with a spirit of gratitude. She specifically held tight to this verse in 1 Thessalonians:

“Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you.”

Whether your beliefs lie in Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, or nothing at all, living through a lens and spirit of gratitude is largely beneficial.

No one has taught me the power of gratitude more than our TinySuperheroes Squad. In the face of circumstances most couldn’t imagine, let alone live through, these families continue to offer gratitude. Gratitude for the life they have, the day they have, the medical staff who fights alongside them, the fight within their child…

I’ve said this before, but if families facing life threatening hardship with their children can offer gratitude in their circumstances, there is no excuse for me not to do the same.

My Grandma Jean passed away juts a year before the start of TinySuperheroes, and while I often grieve the timing, I am thankful because I know she’s part of its beauty.

I am incredibly grateful for YOU – yes, you. Whether you are a TinySuperhero, a parent, a sidekick, a friend, a sponsor or simply a believer in our Mission, I am so grateful for you. This experience with TinySuperheroes has been a constant display of love, encouragement, hope, courage, support and perseverance in my life, and for that I am very grateful.

I hope you and your family have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Robyn ❤️

TinyNote from Robyn 11.24.19

If you were to simply refer to Facebook to learn about TinySuperheroes, you might be led to think that I do most of the work.

True that I am the one on most of the videos, but far from true that I do most of the work. I hope to give you a good glimpse into that now.

Our crew is amazing. I am blessed to spend everyday with people I love who care as much about each TinySuperhero as I do. It’s quite a unique way to spend the working hours of your life and I hope to never take that for granted.

But our crew extends far beyond the people who are actually on staff at TinySuperheroes.

The best way to give you a taste is to tell you what happened yesterday.

Late in the week we decided to have a “shipping party” on Saturday. It’s our more fun way of saying we need to hunker down, focus and get a large number of capes out in one day.

With minimal notice we filled HQ with over 20 people, generously giving their entire Saturday without hesitation, to help us ship capes.

There were parents, aunts, cousins, friends, roommates, moms of roommates and at least 8 kids running around.

Ellen, Megan, Nancy & Tesse folded tissue paper and made welcome packets. Ben and Dave folded capes. Then Francine, Maggie, Terri, Karli & Ali added a welcome packet, wrapped the cape in tissue and closed it with a sticker. Followed by Terri who placed them into their bags and sealed them. Finally, the bagged capes were passed onto Jason & Kristi who labeled them and handed them to Joe & Tim who did a final count. Simultaneously we had Vern & Caroline making sure everyone had the materials they needed, me running around like an aimless chicken and Dan working on and building more efficient ways to do all of the above.

We were there from at least 9-5 and shipped 1,853 capes! You read that right, we shipped 1,853 capes yesterday!

So while I might be the one talking to you on Facebook Live, THIS is a quick picture of what our crew looks like, and trust me, not everyone was there!

I hope the love that is put into each cape is felt wholly by its recipient who deserves to feel and know that they are Extraordinary.

❤️, Robyn

A TinyNote from Robyn 11.17.19

There were a few years when my son, Rory was about 4-6 years old that he would wake up in the middle of the night screaming with writhing pain in his legs. There wasn’t anything I could do to take the pain away, other than give ibuprofen and hope it kicked in.

Growing pains came as an unexpected challenge to me as a mom. Here is something that we hope and expect for our children – that they will grow – yet with growth, for whatever reason, comes extreme pain that is only relieved by time and movement.

Last night I was investigating a series of emails telling us that kids’ capes were being shipped to the wrong addresses. When I’m focused on getting capes out to kids (to lessen their wait and be sure they all receive them before the holidays) emails like this make my heart sink to the floor.

Almost unanimously issues like this are caused by human error (me being the human behind the error) and in this particular instance it was one sort in Excel gone wrong that led to 200 capes shuffling to the wrong places.

When I finally found the source of the problem, I realized these were growing pains – unavoidable things that hurt me and sometimes others, and that the only way to get past them is to keep moving.

I am sad for the confusion that mistakes like these cause, but I have to smile because growing pains are direct indicators of growth, and even though they hurt, it is evidence that our Squad is growing.

I have sat next to a screaming Rory for many nights as he fought through his growing pains, and I want to thank you for sitting with me through as I fight through them as well.

Now, back to shipping capes!


TinySuperheroes Holiday Party 2019

Join us for for the annual TinySuperheroes Holiday Party!

There will be a touch of magic, lots of food, fun activities, and you will be surrounded by the TinySuperheroes community! (An elf dropped by HQ to tell us that Santa even said he was coming!)

It all begins at 9am and will end at 11am. It all takes place at the Kirkwood Children’s House Montessori: 315 Sugar Creek Rd, St. Louis, MO 63122.

Make sure to RSVP here:

(That way all of the elves can properly prepare to make sure the party is ready for you and your TinySuperhero!)

Wait, there’s more! There will also be an opportunity to schedule a private, sensory friendly Santa photo session with Rikki Lauren Photography and Santa Frank! Schedule your Santa Session here:

Last year was so much fun, and we know this year will be even better! Read all about last year’s party here:

Meet the Crew: Megan K

Megan gets ship done. Whether it’s patches, gear or capes, Megan is the one making sure these items get to our TinySuperheroes!

Megan also has her ship together. She is organized, a multi-tasker and efficient, which are all key qualities to have here at HQ! On top of working at HQ, her and her husband, Dave, are raising four boys of their own: Ryan, Nicholas, Patrick and Colin. And then of course there is their bear named DOG. Oops! I mean their dog named BEAR!

Megan’s sister is Ellen – who is one of Robyn’s best friends and a favorite here at HQ! So, that is how Megan came to be on the TinyCrew! She also used to babysit Sheldon, Robyn’s youngest son, when he was first born. ‘

Megan is always doing for others. After I went back to work after adopting Maria, she took care of Maria one day a week. On top of taking care of her four boys and Maria, she would often make us dinner! Megan and Dave give so much of their time and energy to their church and the boys’ schools. They volunteer for EVERYTHING it seems!!!! On top of that, she is so much fun. She is involved in book clubs, dinner clubs, plays on a softball team, gardens, cooks, runs, and says yes to just about any and all social invitations. I love her energy and willingness to spend time connecting with all the people in her life and make deep friendships. She is the best mom to her four boys. She does everything from making dinner every night, driving to sports practices, and everything in between. Megan is a wonderful fit for TinySuperheroes because she is compassionate, self-less and such a positive person. She will give without ever counting the cost or expecting something in return. She has the biggest heart.” – Ellen

Megan’s Garden – Look at the Pumpkins she grew this year!

Some of Megan’s favorite things include hiking, the beach and her garden. Watch out though, she may have a green thumb, but she doesn’t like everything that is green. Her kryptonite is cilantro!

Just for fun… here is an amazing picture of her as a kid!

We are so lucky to have Megan here on our crew. She is the perfect fit!