Super Elijah

Elijah has filled the hearts of many in a very short time.  He has brought so many people together and has left an impression on all he has crossed paths with.
— Super Elijah’s Mom

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Meet Super Elijah – an incredible TinySuperhero who really needs our love and support right now.

Elijah was born on September 14, 2010. With 3 older siblings, he was a welcome addition to the family! When he was about 1.5 years old, Elijah started losing some of the motor skills and the words he had developed. After seeing several doctors, many specialists, and going through dozens of tests, Elijah was diagnosed with Batten Disease.

Batten Disease is a disorder of the nervous system, and is considered a rare disease (occurs in about 2 of 100,000 children in America).  There are four types, and there are currently no available treatments or cures. Elijah has the early infantile version, which is the most aggressive.  Since February 2011 when his symptoms first appeared, Batten Disease has already taken a great toll on Elijah’s body.  Everyday is a fight for this TinySuperhero and his family. He has great sidekicks supporting him, but what he really needs is a miracle – a cure. His family, friends, prayer warriors, and I believe that miracles do happen and a cure can be found.

Currently, Elijah suffers seizures, loss of vision, loss of strength and mobility, and weight loss.   They have been using trial and error to find medications that keep Elijah comfortable.  About two weeks ago, Elijah had a G Tube placed, which was welcome and celebrated. He worked so hard to gain strength and weight to undergo the surgery. “Even though this disease is slowly taking away his ability to move and speak Elijah still shows each of us how much he loves us and enjoys his time with each  of his siblings.” -Super Elijah’s Mom

Pic 3Today, as we learn of Super Elijah, we celebrate this awesome, strong, heroic TinySuperhero.  He has the most beautiful brown eyes, gorgeous red hair, and the sweetest smile. He loves the lights on the Christmas tree, and he is the light in his family’s life. Elijah is in the heat of his battle with Batten Disease right now, as you read this, and they need our help.

How can we help? First, we can love him! You can show your love and support to them through hisFacebook Page: Elijah’s Journey. We can also educate ourselves and others about Batten Disease, and we can give support for more research:

Elijah’s family radiates love for their TinySuperhero. They are cherishing every moment they have with him, but they remain hopeful for a miracle that will save Super Elijah’s life. His battle is hard, but he is fighting with pure dignity. We are very, very proud to honor him as a TinySuperhero.

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Our family has lived many moments of joy and happiness since God blessed us with Elijah. His infectious laughter, smiles, lovable personality and who can forget all the dancing he has already done that has brought joy to so many. He has joined our family together in a way that we can not explain. While God has been with us through all the joyful times we know He will continue to carry us through these struggles as well.

— Super Elijah’s Mom

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Become a Hero: Buy One, Give One

Hi!  Super Puddles here. Since we featured our first TinySuperheroes, we have been introduced to SO many more Extraordinary TinySuperheroes. We’ve met  SuperBrenna’s friends, Isaac’s friends, Wyatt’s friends, Case’s friends…and their friends’ friends! These kids are amazing and have overcome so many obstacles in their young lives, and we think they all deserve to be empowered with their very own TinySuperhero cape!

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Super Case

“He brought this family to a new normal and has shown us how special, special needs really are. He has taught us to live in today and deal with tomorrow when tomorrow comes. He is our blessing, our lesson and our tiny teacher.”

— Super Case’s family

We are so excited for you to meet Super Case – a true TinySuperhero.  You know the saying “the best gifts come in small packages”? Well, Case is proof.

When Case’s mom was 25 weeks pregnant, the doctors presented Case’s parents with a grim prognosis. They couldn’t figure out what exactly was causing Case’s extreme slow development, but they provided little hope that their fourth child, and first little boy, would survive.  Like all of our TinySuperheroes, Case ignored the doctors, and today he is trotting around, dancing, and just celebrated his second birthday on December 21st!

Case was born at 36 weeks gestation, weighing just 2lbs 13oz. He was quite a small bundle of joy! You can imagine his parent’s relief when they heard their “mini man” crying upon arrival. The cause of Case’s unique size remains undetermined and is labeled as an “Undiagnosed Underlying Syndrome”. After 38 days in the Children’s hospital, Case was able to go home, weighing 4lbs 1oz.

At 25 months, Case now weighs 17lbs, the average weight of a 6 month old. While developmentally he’s keeping great momentum (walks, uses sign language, gives fist pumps, and blows kisses) he has several other medical issues to battle daily: brain stem abnormalities, low muscle tone in the right side of his face, sub mucus cleft pallet, narrowing in his throat, slow mortality, GERD, aspiration issues, abnormalities of the heart, a tethered spinal cord that was untethered, a dysplastic, multi-cystic left kidney, fluid in the right kidney….this is only the short list. Since before he was born they’ve qualified him as “Failure to Thrive”. Case has 22+ doctors, specialists, and therapists to work through these issues and is about to have his 5th surgery.

One of Case’s biggest struggles has been with eating. It is very difficult for his parents to insure he is intaking enough calories, and that he can keep them down. Currently, he is fed through a J feeding tube 22 hours a day.  This is why he carries around the coolest little backpack ever (I’m sure it also holds his other secret superhero tools).
There’s a reason why I listed all of these obstacles that Case faces (and I left out many).  While his medical conditions are quite unique, they aren’t what make this little man so special. Case’s soul radiates. It radiates joy, peace, and resilience. If you had the privilege of speaking with his mom, you would see that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  This family of 6 sees their sweet Case as a blessing, and indeed Case blesses everyone he meets.

While under 2 years old, under 20 pounds, and just over 2 feet tall, Case is changing the face of disability. When curiosity strikes another shopper, Case takes the opportunity to make a friend. Not that he’s lacking attention – he’s got 3 older (adorable) sisters wrapped around his little finger at home!  Not to mention his extended family at the Ronald McDonald House of Pittsburgh, their second home. As his family says “Case is Case”, but Case is also a miracle and a world changer:

“Once I got over the fear and faced the reality of raising a ‘disabled’ child I realized what a blessing it is to be his mom. He may be disabled but he had never let that define him. His ABILITIES out weigh his DISABILITIES. He is able. He is able to have peace in the midst of chaos. He is able to overcome obstacles. He is able to love when most would hate. He is able be be different and not ashamed. He is able to be strong while others would be weak. He is able to endure pain and be pleasant. He is able to rise above the sentence of a disability and embrace life. He put the ABLE is disabled and amazes us all.”

— Super Case’s Mom

I encourage you to continue to follow Case’s journey, follow his mom’s blog: A Very Special Case or his Facebook Page!

Super Wyatt

“Wyatt is going to overcome every challenge that he is going to encounter in his life. No, he will conquer them. I really believe that he is going to live up to his name and he will be a modern day warrior.”

— Super Wyatt’s Mom

One look at this sweet, sweet smile and you’d think that this TinySuperhero just flew on in, ready to save the world!  Well, he’s definitely a TinySuperhero, and he’s already changing the world, but Super Wyatt’s journey leading to this beautiful photo has been far from easy.  His TinySuperhero status has been too well deserved.

Super Wyatt is actually half of a Dynamic Duo. At 18 weeks gestation, Wyatt’s twin brother Michael left this world to be his family’s TinySuperhero Angel. While he is deeply missed here on Earth, Wyatt and his parents know that Michael is never far away. Super Michael’s star is on Wyatt’s cape, reminding Wyatt he is never fighting alone.

The loss of Michael was understandably devastating to his Mom and Dad. In the midst of their grief, they also had to take extreme precautions to hold off Wyatt’s birth as he developed more. After 9 weeks of bed rest, Wyatt could wait no longer and was born at 27 weeks gestation, weighing 2lb 4oz on April 15, 2012. His early arrival led to the usual NICU procedures of intubation and careful watch. Soon Wyatt was breathing on his own, but he still had another major hurdle ahead.

If you met Super Brenna, you remember that there are five types of Ichthyosis (a family of genetic skin disorders). Super Wyatt was born with a different form of Ichthyosis called Epidermolytic Ichthyosis (EI). EI is only found in 1 out 300,000 Americans. Some symptoms of EI include: thick and hardened skin, formation of scales, coupled with fragile skin that is prone to blisters and infection. Wyatt displayed the symptoms of EI right away, and his parents were unable to really touch him for weeks. After 97 days in the NICU and over 1 million dollars in medical bills, Wyatt finally got to go home.

Like the Harlequin Ichtyhosis that Brenna is fighting, no cure is available for Epidermolytic Ichthyosis. Wyatt’s future is bright, but his skin will always require exceptional care. He is now 9 months old, weighs 13lbs, and has the best giggle! His skin is sensitive, vulnerable to blisters and always at risk of infection, but Super Wyatt’s smile helps his parents know that everything will be okay.

This tiny guy is wasting no time making his mark in our world! There is no cure for EI, but there can be! Wyatt’s family has become involved with F.I.R.S.T. (Foundation for Ichthyosis and Related Skin Types). Among other things, F.I.R.S.T. is committed to continuing research to find better treatment and cures for kids like Wyatt and Brenna. Super Wyatt convinced his mom and dad to run a half marathon to raise money and awareness for Ichthyosis. They will be “Running for Research” on May 5, 2013 and are hoping to raise $60,000, which will fund a research project for F.I.R.S.T.

Super Wyatt and Super Brenna deserve our help! If you’d like to donate to their fundraiser, you can do so here. Otherwise, the least we can do is spread the word. Help them educate people on Ichthyosis so that we can find a cure for these TinySuperheroes! Share their stories with your family and friends!

We are so blessed to have Super Wyatt and his Angel brother as our TinySuperheroes. We honor his brother, Michael, who is dearly missed. You can read more about Wyatt’s journey on his mom’s blog. Wyatt means “little warrior”, but we think Super Wyatt is a BIG warrior – we are inspired by him!


Super Issac

“If every person could hold just a piece of this boy’s magic the world would be a much more amazing place!”— Super Isaac’s Mom

If there were ever one TinySuperhero to want on your side…Super Isaac is it! This TinySuperhero is a fighter, and nothing can stop him! (I mean, do you see how tough he looks?!)

Isaac was born with Esophageal Atresia (EA). Esophageal Atresia is essentially a birth defect in the esophagus. It develops in utero, early in pregnancy. Typically, the esophagus connects the mouth to the stomach; however in babies with EA, the connection is incomplete. Often the esophagus will either stop, ending in a pouch before reaching the stomach, or lack the connection in the middle. This means that anything that goes into the mouth (saliva, food, etc) doesn’t make it to the stomach. There are five forms of EA (differing by the levels of esophageal development) and it is prevalent in about 1 in 3,000 births.

Isaac was born 9 weeks early at just 3lbs 3oz.  His type of EA was such that he had two parts to his esophagus – one coming from the mouth and one from the stomach – without connecting in the middle. They immediately began unsuccessful attempts to connect and repair Isaac’s esophagus.  Unfortunately, these initial surgeries led to more complications – vocal cord paralysis, and eventually a tracheotomy.  He spent his first 11 months of life in the ICU.  Isaac’s life has been full of surgeries, doctors, second opinions, traveling…  the list is long. Along the way, he and his family have met so many other amazing TinySuperheroes, most notably through their time at the Ronald McDonald House in Minneapolis – looks like he’s made an impact there as well!


Super Isaac just celebrated his 4th birthday!  He was born 2 days before Thanksgiving, and his family has given thanks every day since.  In 4 short years, he has had 21 major surgeries. He has been paralyzed and sedated for 11 weeks while his esophagus was grown for him. They travel monthly from Virginia to Minnesota to have his new esophagus stretched (it tightens due to scar tissue). He has several lung complications, is at constant risk of pnemonia, has a feeding tube, and bad reflux. Yet still, they are thankful. Every day is unpredictable, and his family has embraced the adventure. They have sacrificed so much for their TinySuperhero and when you read their story, you will hear only gratitude from them. His mom shares, “Always appreciate what you have, we have seen the worst things that can ever happen to a person, and because of that we appreciate what we have and know that in the grand scheme things could always be much worse.”  (Not surprising that Isaac is a TinySuperhero, since clearly his parents are Superheroes, too!)

While Isaac’s life has been full of challenges, his story is one of hope. Isaac smiles – a lot. He is discovering his voice, speaking words, and singing! There is real hope that soon his trach will be removed, and Isaac LOVES his new little gym class! Isaac has never let EA stop him – a super power that we can all learn from.

 “Isaac is Isaac because of EA – the experiences it has given him (and us) have shaped him into the amazing boy he is.”

— Super Isaac’s Mom

This is just the beginning of Isaac’s story. This TinySuperhero has more tricks up his sleeve – no doubt. Continue to watch him thrive and learn more about   Esophageal Atresia here:  January is EA Awareness Month, so spread the word!

Oh, and if you’re smitten by Super Isaac, wait until you meet his girlfriend!

Super Brenna

Brenna was truly born a TinySuperhero. On December 19, 2011 Brenna joined the world with a very rare and severe skin disorder called Harlequin Ichthyosis. Currently only about 12 out of 311,591,917 Americans are diagnosed with Harlequin Ichthyosis. Here’s how Brenna’s mom explains the disorder – “Without the protein that helps the top layer of her skin form like it should, Brenna’s skin doesn’t do its job right – it doesn’t maintain her body temperature, it doesn’t hold its moisture and it doesn’t keep out bacteria, leaving her very susceptible to infection.” 

It wasn’t too long ago that Harlequin Ichthyosis was a fatal diagnosis, with most babies only living a few days.  But, Super Brenna just celebrated her first birthday(had an awesome Very Hungry Caterpillar celebration) and with more research, medical advancements, and Brenna’s super powers, Brenna will be changing our world for many, many years to come!

Brenna has been displaying her super powers and transforming the lives of people around her every day since she was born.  In one short year she has fought infections, undergone surgeries, stole the hearts of many nurses, and taught many doctors many things they never knew!

Luckily, one of Brenna’s super powers is endurance because the fight against Harlequin Ichthyosis is ongoing.  But while Brenna continues to fight against the complications that skin conditions like this cause, we think that Brenna’s truest superhero power is the way that she is changing hearts of people around the world. Brenna is redefining beautiful.  Her skin may look different and she may wear Aquaphor instead of smelly lotions, but one look at her smile will melt your heart! There’s no question that Brenna is beautiful inside and out.

Like most amazing Superheroes, Brenna has some rock-star sidekicks.  No doubt that Brenna’s perseverance, strength, and willpower have brought her this far, but she’s got some mighty hands helping her out!  Brenna’s mom, dad, and 3 year old brother Connor have really gone all out for their TinySuperhero!  Harlequin Ichthyosis is tricky because it requires a constant balance of avoiding infection and keeping her skin moist enough to prevent cracking, but dry enough to prevent excess skin growth.  Brenna’s skin grows at about 10x the rate of normal skin.  Brenna’s sidekicks are committed to treating and preventing excessive skin growth and infection 24/7. Oh, and her brother Connor is sure to teach her all there is to know about Lightning McQueen.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Super Brenna, but her story reaches depths far beyond this intro. I encourage you to follow her mom’s blog and learn more about Brenna and Harlequin Ichthyosis : Blessed By Brenna.  We are inspired by Brenna’s family daily and truly thank them for sharing their story.

I think Brenna’s TinySuperhero status is captured in this quote from her mom:

“Because of Brenna, we have learned how to love more deeply and to savor every little moment with our babies. We are truly blessed…by each other, by Connor and by Brenna, whose addition to our family has brought a stronger love and deeper appreciation for life than we could have ever imagined.

— Super Brenna’s Mom


Super Puddles

Hi!  I’m Super Puddles!  Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

By now you may or may not be familiar with my silly mom!  She didn’t know when she adopted me that I was a superhero, but we’ve grown on each other and are learning how to use our combined super powers for good!

So, anyways, she started sewing superhero capes. At first it was for a birthday present…then for a hobby…then for money…but when it all was said and done, what she really wanted was a way to give something good back to the world.  So, I came up with the idea of TinySuperheroes!

On this blog, we will feature TinySuperheroes who have prevailed over difficult obstacles.  By donating & surprising them with their very own TinySuperheroes cape, we hope they will feel empowered, inspired, and encouraged to continue to make their impression on the world!

I wish we could empower ALL TinySuperheroes on our own, but as of now, my mom and I still sew all of the capes ourselves, so we’ll need your help.

How can you help?  Well, we sell TinySuperhero capes in our Online store, so we encourage you to continue to empower the TinySuperheroes in your life too with their own personalized TinySuperhero cape!

If your life has been touched by a TinySuperhero who has faced and overcome an especially difficult challenge, we’d love to meet them!  Email us about what makes this TinySuperhero special, and we’ll do our best to empower them!

Next week we will introduce our first featured TinySuperhero to you, and we just can’t wait!

With your help we can empower hundreds of TinySuperheroes in 2013!  Think of what a difference this positive energy could make in our world!

– Super Puddles

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