Courtney’s New Book!

If you don’t know Courtney Westlake, well, now is the time!

Courtney came in my life through the internet.  My husband had gone to high school with Courtney, and her beautiful daughter Brenna was born just two months after our first child. I had never met Courtney, but a friend sent me the link to her blog: Blessed By Brenna, after Brenna was born with Harlequin Ichthyosis – a very rare and severe skin disorder.

I had no idea that Brenna’s story would reshape my life completely.  Months after Brenna’s birth, I had become an avid reader of Courtney’s blog and in awe of their family’s strength and determination to seek joy in the midst of their very unknown circumstances.

It was Brenna who first sparked me to see Extraordinary children as superheroes. It was Brenna who inspired me to reach out to a stranger and let them know I see how amazing they are. It was Brenna who changed the course of my life forever.

Courtney has written a beautiful story that captures this journey.  Her book releases on Monday August 1 and is called A Different Beautiful. This book is so much more than their story. It is a mom sharing her experience of raising a daughter that looks differently and radiates beauty. Courtney shares her insight of what Brenna has taught her so far in her short 4 years, but also opens the door to help other parents raise kind kids who recognize beauty as well.

If you’re going to read one more book this summer…make this it!  You can preorder right now at this link!

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