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Your Goal for the Curiosity Mission:

Embrace & explore your superpower of Curiosity! The more we exercise our Curiosity superpower, the stronger it will be!

The Patch you will earn when you complete the Curiosity Mission:

Optional Supplies that may help you complete the Curiosity Mission

Please note: you can use ANY supplies you want! This is just to spark your curiosity! (You’ll probably want the bottles though!)

Any empty plastic bottles
Cooking Oil
Corn Syrup
Water Beads
Food Coloring
Jewels or Beads

Follow these 5 steps to complete the Curiosity Mission and earn your Patch!

1. Gather your supplies!

Read through all of the instructions before gathering your supplies.  What you choose to use for your Curiosity Mission is totally up to you, but we’ll provide you some ideas!  You’ll definitely need at least one empty plastic bottle with a lid.  (Your supplies might look different than ours below and that is OK!)

2. Create your Curiosity Bottles

This is the fun part! We want you to create bottles that spark your curiosity. We have a lot of ideas for you below and we’d love you to use these ideas to test and create your own!

There are many ways you can enjoy your Curiosity bottles after you create them! Some are simply calming and soothing to look at. This is a great tool if you are ever needing a little quiet time.  Here are some photos of Super Oliver making his with his mom!  Don’t forget to see if your sidekicks want to do the Mission with you! They can earn their own Patch, too!

Curiosity bottles also can be like small science experiments! How do different liquids mix?  How do different colors mix?  What makes objects move fast or slow? What happens if you shine light on it or shake it up?

3. Take pictures!

This is not required, but if you enjoy sharing photos, you know we LOVE to see your smiling face…especially after you’ve completed a Mission! Don’t forget to wear your cape in your picture!

4. Share with your Squad

We’d love you to share with the Squad what kinds of Curiosity bottles you created and what you enjoyed about them! (encouraged but not required) By sharing your creations, it will strengthen the superpower of Curiosity in your fellow TinySuperheroes!

You can share this in our Facebook Group or on Instagram by tagging @TinySuperheroes #StayCurious

Here is an example:

5. Report to HQ

When you’re done creating and sharing your sensory bottles, be sure to submit your Mission by tapping the blue button below!


Here are some fun bottles to try!

Tap the images to see instructions for these awesome bottles!

Questions? Send us an email or text!

Text us at: 844-621-2355 (this number only receives text messages, not phone calls)

Email us at: [email protected]