TinyLetter:  Hooked

TinyLetter: Hooked

Fishing. Yep, you read that right. My boys are hooked (pun intended!) on fishing lately, and I’ve been swimming in mixed feelings about it.

I’ll be honest; the idea of spending hours in the scorching heat, just waiting for a nibble, has not been my idea of a fantastic time. Add to that, the tangled lines, snagged hook and my general hesitation to get up close and personal with fish. Let's just say I'd rather go to the pool.

However, a recent Saturday morning gave me a profound realization. While looking at the rods, bait, and very eager faces of my boys, it hit me: This is a moment I need to dive into. Why? Because right now is all we have.

Life is a string of ‘right nows,’ each precious and each fleeting. Just like the sunsets we often stop to admire, these phases in our children's lives are momentary but magnificent.

Our children’s passions are little windows into their souls, showing us what makes their hearts race a little faster. Right now, for my boys, it's fishing. And who am I to not be a part of that joyous excitement? Sure, you may encounter challenges. You might not enjoy every aspect of their newfound passion. But the sheer joy you'll see in their eyes will make it worthwhile. Remember, it’s not about the fish we catch; it’s about the memories we reel in.

So, as we go about our days, let's take a pause to truly embrace these fleeting moments. As we engage with what makes our little ones' eyes light up today, we’re not just making their lives richer; we’re enriching our own. Maybe along the way, we might even discover that we, too, love fishing.

With grace, love, and a newfound appreciation for fishing,


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