February’s Superpower: LOVE

Happy February!  I can’t believe how quickly the New Year came and went!

I am so excited to give you a sneak peek into our February Mission for our TinySuperheroes Membership!  If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that none of us will be hurt by putting more love into the world, and I believe it is essential for our children not only to know they are loved, but to be proactive about showing love to others!

In February’s Mission, we will be talking about just that, as well as learning about Congenital Heart Defects that affect 1 in every 100 kids!  We’ll meet Super Madi and learn how her scars from open heart surgery are visible evidence of her strength!

By the end of February’s Mission, your children will have created a beautiful set of chimes, and each time they ring, we hope they will remember just how loved they are!

We would love for you to jump on board and sign your child up for our Membership today!  February’s Mission will arrive just in time for Valentine’s Day (so would make the perfect gift!)

Click here to sign up!

Much love,



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