Don‘t worry, you aren’t the only one with questions!

What is TinySuperheroes?

TinySuperheroes starts with a cape, but the cape is just the beginning of the journey. With over 60,000 kids from all over the world on our Squad, we hope to change the way the world sees disability and illness. Surrounded by our community and cloaked in their very own cape, our TinySuperheroes feel strong, able and proud of their qualities that make them unique.

Who can get a cape?

Any child with a diagnoses can get a cape! Our Squad has a very wide range of both diagnoses and ages. We also would love for sidekick siblings to be nominated for a cape as well! You can nominate them at

How much is a cape?

It is $50 to sponsor a cape!

What happens if I don’t reach the $50 goal?

Every single child nominated will get a cape, no matter what! If you don’t reach this goal, you will be put on our waiting list, so it might just take a little longer for us to send your cape to you!

Our biggest ask is that you just share our message. We are so grateful whether you raise $10, $500 or if you just share it to your Facebook page! We are all in different places financially, and we totally understand that. We are here to change the way the world sees disability and illness, and doing whatever you can to help make that happen means the world to us.

What is a Cape Campaign, and why do you ask us to share it?

When a child is nominated, we create a Cape Campaign for them! This is a personalized crowd-funding tool. The way TinySuperheroes works is based on a pay-it-forward method. It is $50 to fund your own cape, but any money raised over that helps other kids on the waiting list get their capes as well! There is absolutely no obligation to fund, but through the generosity of others, this is how we are able to send capes to everyone!

Is TinySuperheroes a non-profit?

TinySuperheroes is a social enterprise – this is a relatively new way of doing business and taxes!  It means we are a socially conscious company. Caring for our community is first and foremost. Some well-known social enterprises include TOMS, Love Your Melon, and Bombas!
Here’s how it works for us. A TinySuperhero is nominated for a cape. We then make a personalized crowd-funding tool. All we ask is that you share it. $50 funds your own cape, and any money raised over that helps other TinySuperheroes get a cape on the waiting list. Every child nominated gets a cape – no matter what. As of right now, about 30% of people will raise funds, but they raise enough to support 100% of the Squad!

Can I get a tax deduction for donating to TinySuperheroes?

Yes! We do have a fiscal sponsor that is a registered 501(c)3 who can accept tax-deductible donations on our behalf. The sponsor is called Realize Impact. Donations made to them on our behalf are tax deductible. Email us for more details! [email protected]

How can I get my cape personalized with an initial?

When your Cape Campaign reaches $150, we personalize your cape as a thank you for helping two other TinySuperheroes get a cape as well!

We also sell personlalized capes in our gift shop! If you would prefer to purchase your cape instead of having a cape campaign, use this link:

What are the dimensions of the cape?

Small Cape = 17 inches in length
Medium Cape = 21 inches in length
Large Cape = 26 inches in length

What if I want to sponsor a child but I don’t want to actually receive a cape?

Thank you!  We are so grateful that you want to help us empower these Extraordinary TinySuperheroes! Instead of purchasing a cape, you can sponsor a cape for a child on our waiting list here:

Is TinySuperheroes just a cape?

TinySuperheroes is SO much more than a cape. The cape is just the beginning of the journey. We also have the Patches Program, a support group for parents, and an Angel Squad. Learn more here:

How long will it take to receive my cape?

If your cape is funded, it usually takes about two weeks. If you are on the waiting list, this varies by how quickly we can find a sponsor for them, sometimes taking up to a couple months. We are actively working on making this process faster. We thank you for your patience. With over 100 new TinySuperheroes joining our Squad everyday, we promise we are trying our hardest to get every single kid their cape as fast as we can. 🙂

When you reach the $150 personalization goal for your cape campaign, you will receive your claim code to redeem your free cape in our gift shop right away!  These capes ship fast!

When you reach the $50 goal, you can choose to claim your cape then, or wait until you’ve reached the personlaization goal!

If your campaign does not reach the $50, that is ok! We will send you a claim code to redeem your cape about 2 weeks after your nomination.

Can the extra money I raise through my cape campaign go towards purchasing patches or gear?

First off, let me tell that this question makes us happy because it means that you are invested in TinySuperheroes and find value in our Patches Program! However, the short answer to this is no.

The way TinySuperheroes is able to function at all is based on a pay-it-forward model. When a TinySuperhero is nominated for a cape, we then make them a personalized crowd-funding tool. All we ask is that they share it. $50 funds their own cape, and any money raised over that helps other TinySuperheroes get a cape on the waiting list. Every child nominated gets a cape – no matter what. As of right now, about 30% of people will raise funds, but they raise enough to support 100% of the Squad! 

We recognize that we are all in different places in our lives. Sometimes we are able to give a little more, and at other times we might need a little help. So, we can’t dedicate the extra money raised over to a specific patch for your cape because then our whole business model would fall through, and we wouldn’t have a Cape Program or a Patches Program at all! Not to mention, logistically, this would be pretty hard.

We do, however, offer a new FREE patch every month for all our TinySuperheroes. This patch is based on a different superpower and activity that we all work on as a Squad each month. You can learn more about that here:

Where does the money go?

When you sponsor a cape, not only does this help cover the costs to send an official cape to the TinySuperhero, but this initial sponsorship also helps us cover a lifetime’s worth of the Patches Program (which is a free patch and mission every month!) This also includes a free support group for the parents of the TinySuperhero. Finally, it includes the Angel Squad, if the worst were to happen. We support our TinySuperheroes even after they gain their wings. Read more about what the intial $50 sponsorship includes here:  

Our cape was sponsored, how do we claim our cape?

Awesome! Sorry that we didn’t communicate well enough that you had to find the answer here, but we are glad you are here!

If you reached the $150 personalization goal, go to this link:

If you reached the $50 sponsorship goal, go to this link:

If you have additional questions you can email us at [email protected]

Can sidekick siblings get capes?

Yes! We humbly do not have our sidekick program fully built out yet, but that does not mean we do not love and support our sidekick siblings. They are vitally important!

For now, please nominate your sidekick siblings using the same method that you nominated your TinySuperhero at

We will build a cape campaign for your sidekick and all we ask is that you share it!

How do I get a birthday patch?

Our birthday program is not active yet, but we do offer the 2020 birthday patch for just $4 in our gift shop here:

Thank you so much for wanting to learn more about us!

If there were any questions that we did not answer here, we would be happy to answer them by email: [email protected]