Grief – A TinyLetter by Robyn 9.11.20

The other day I was driving home from work. Two women were walking on the sidewalk in no notably different way than normal.

Grief – A TinyLetter by Robyn.

In the moment that I was noticing them, one of the women did something that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before. I’ve heard about it often, but I’ve never witnessed it.

Right in front of my eyes, her knees buckled and she collapsed to the ground. I know nothing about what was going on. I know nothing of what actually happened, but with no doubt I can tell you she collapsed in grief. I didn’t actually see the tears, but I know they were there. Right before my eyes she went from standing to collapsed because of a feeling inside of her.

This knee buckling sort of grief is something that I hear in the stories of our TinySuperheroes’ families often. A new diagnosis. A terrifying prognosis. A bad outcome. Death. An emotion arises that is so powerful it can literally make cause your legs to give out and take your breath away.

Thinking about it brings me back to a few moments of my life where the emotion felt so overwhelming that I didn’t know if I would survive it, and I also know that there are deep levels of grief that I have still been protected from.

I didn’t pull over, though I wanted to. I really wanted to. Had she been alone, I surely would have, but she was not alone. I wanted so bad to just be able to take the pain away from her – whatever it was – and let her know she would be ok.

It was a moment I won’t soon forget – and a powerful reminder to me that at any given time, many people are suffering through a grief so powerful, their knees give in.

As we navigate this week…this year…let’s be aware that most people during this time are grieving, and for some, that grief is unbearable. It’s a good reminder for me to be gentle and kind as I know that with no notice, it could be my knees that buckle.

Be kind.


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