TinySuperheroes LOVES Halloween, and our Squad is SO TALENTED when it comes to dressing up!

Costume Contests are cool because everyone can participate, no matter your age or ability! Also, they really let your superpower of creativity SHINE! 

This is the Pumpkin Patch you will earn just by participating in the Halloween Costume Contest!

Here is how you participate in the TSH Costume Contest and earn the 2019 Pumpkin Patch! 

1. Incorporate your TinySuperheroes cape into your costume! 

You can be anything you want in the whole galaxy… the cape just has to be part of it!
(Our records will indicate if you don’t have your cape yet, so don’t worry! You can still participate if you are waiting for your cape.)
Don’t forget to ask if your sidekicks want to participate with you! They can earn their own Patch, too! 

2. Submit your photo here! 

The cape must be in the picture to qualify. 

3. The deadline to submit your photo is Halloween at MIDNIGHT! 

The Prizes – This is how the contest works! 

1. Everyone that enters will receive the Pumpkin Patch. 

(Pumpkin Patch… get it?!! We think we are so punny.) 

2. Finalists will be determined by judges at TinySuperheroes HQ.

All finalists will receive a prize!

3. We will then have a poll on our Facebook Page – the TinySuperhero with the most votes will win the grand prize! 

Finalists will be announced November 1st and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced November 8th. 

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Check out last year’s winners!

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