Happy Feet! (not the movie)

Until I had a son born with a congenital birth defect in his feet, I never really thought too much about my kids’ feet.

But now, not only do we think about feet but we celebrate them!

Today we had the joy of attending the Happy Feet Party hosted by Super Sheldon’s orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Matthew Dobbs) and his team!

The impact that Dr. Dobbs has on his patients is unique. I can’t even imagine how many children he has treated for Clubfoot and/or Vertical Talus. I’ve mentioned before that we are very fortunate to live in the same town as the specialist for our son’s diagnosis, but today made that even clearer.

Families travel from all over the world (literally…from everywhere) to have their children treated by Dr. Dobbs and many of them made special accommodations to be in town for today’s party!

We met families from Canada, Iceland, Texas, Rhode Island, Florida, New Mexico, California, Illinois…I could go on!

Dr. Dobbs has changed the lives of each child and family forever.

And the best part?!  The theme of this year’s Happy Feet Party was superheroes…so you know I couldn’t resist bringing TinySuperheroes capes!  We were able to empower ALL of the nearly 100 kids who came to the party!

My heart could have leapt out of my chest to see these kids spend the whole day running around in their capes…and for a Happy Feet Party…watching kids run is extra special.

We are so grateful for Dr. Dobbs, his entire staff, Heroes, Cope & Kids for bringing Spiderman and Captain America, Santa Needs Help volunteers and all of the families who made the party so special!

Most definitely our TinySuperheroes Squad is much stronger after today!

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