In honor of Super Luke

In Honor of Super Luke

If I were wise, I would be writing down each and every story that I have the privilege of encountering. They are all different and each one is mind-blowingly amazing in its own unique way.

I’m about to tell you an amazing story about Super Luke Yarrow.

Luke was born on January 21, 2013…surprising everyone by arriving 10 weeks before his due date. He made quite an entrance with an emergency c-section just 2 hours after his worried parents went to the hospital.

Luke’s journey began in the NICU, where he was intubated and put on an oscillator. An ultra sound revealed that he had suffered a brain bleed on both sides of his brain and at 4 weeks old Luke was diagnosed with Congenital Hydrocephalus and had his first surgery to place a VP shunt.

For 2 1/2 months, Super Luke was in the hospital, his mom was staying at a Ronald McDonald House and his dad was at their home working – 1 hour away. This was hard to say the least.

Luke breathed on his own for the first time when he was 2 months old. He had a G-Tube placed so he could eat safely without aspirating, and he went home for the first time on May 4, 2013 – a day his family will never forget!

Super Luke’s life at home was wonderful. He has the most amazingly committed parents who did everything to help Super Luke live a full life. Through in-home therapy Super Luke learned to take liquids and food orally, roll over and began being mobile with the help of amazing adaptive devices.

Luke received his cape and officially joined the TinySuperheroes Squad in January of 2014. When his mom nominated him, here is what she said about him:

Luke is definitely our super hero.  He was born 10 weeks early, and was diagnosed with a severe brain bleed and Hydrocephalus.  Many of his doctors told us not to expect him to make it past 3 weeks.  Well, he turns 1 tomorrow! He has had surgeries for a shunt placement, a shunt revision, and a g-tube, and he has been amazing through it all!  We’re working our way up to full feedings by mouth and every day he gets stronger and stronger and maintains his happy disposition. If you can’t tell, I’m one proud mama! 

Super Luke is an Extraordinary member of our Squad. He completed every single TinySuperheroes Mission that was available to him and was planting seeds of awareness everywhere he went by handing out his official TinySuperheroes Squad Cards. (I hear there is one hanging up in the Kansas City Royals AND Chief’s locker room!

I never had the privilege of meeting Super Luke – something I really regret – but I do feel like I know him and this story that his parents shared with me captures his essence.

Super Luke loved school and school loved him! His family was essential in the plan to create an accessible playground at the elementary school. Super Luke was loved by all there, but had particular fondness from the school’s custodian. One day, Super Luke gave the custodian one of his Squad Cards. To this day, this man carries Luke’s card safely in his wallet – and often showed it to Luke in the hallway.

Love radiated from Super Luke. He was an active member of the Junior Rangers and has visited far more National Parks than I probably ever will – with the patches on his backpack to prove it. He was thriving in pre-K and excited for kindergarten.

In late February, Luke became sick with RSV. Because of his history with breathing problems, Luke was hospitalized but was improving. An awful spiral of events started and Super Luke contracted Influenza and hospital-acquired pneumonia. He was transferred to the Children’s Hospital but his strong body had had enough. Super Luke passed away on March 20th of this year.  No doubt he is soaring above with our other TinySuperhero Angels, and he certainly is surrounded by love, but nothing in the world can ease the pain of this loss.

Within days of Super Luke’s passing, his family reached out to me. I’m not sure they will ever comprehend how much this meant to me. I honestly cannot wrap my head around it. I am so honored that TinySuperheroes was such a strong part of Super Luke’s journey, but without hesitation they have given me far more than we have given them.

His memorial was a superhero celebration! His obituary stated that he was a member of the TinySuperheroes Squad. His parents asked people to contribute to TinySuperheroes in lieu of flowers. It’s beyond incredible – but honestly, it’s not surprising – Super Luke’s impact while he was on earth was immeasurable, there is no doubt his message will continue to reach the world.

His parents, Corey & Joshua drove from Kansas to St. Louis to meet me and deliver the contributions. They are learning this for the first time as they are reading this, but in Luke’s honor, his friends, family and community gave over $3,000 to empower 100 new TinySuperheroes. Luke touched the lives of everyone he met – and he isn’t stopping.  In the boxes of the 100 capes we send out in Luke’s honor, we will be including his Squad card and his story because his Mission is not done. We are honored to help him continue to carry it out. We are so very proud of him.

If you feel inclined, you can help us share Super Luke’s story – it is a story that should be heard. You can use the buttons below to share to your Facebook page, and help us spread the love that he gave everyone he knew.

I’ll end with a message from his mom:

He is ever a fighter, and forever my hero!
If you would like to sponsor a cape for a child in honor of Super Luke, click here and write Luke’s name in the customer notes so we can inform his family.
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  1. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    Amazing family! Super Lukey, YOU are forever in my heart.💜. Bubbles, high fives, blue eyes, your giggle….you are amazing! Fly high Super Lukey, fly high Super Lukey Angel Hero!

  2. Alisha
    Alisha says:

    I had the privilege and honor of watching Super Luke be his amazing self for all of his 5 years and my heart will never recover fully from him donning his cape and soaring to heaven. His parents have truly loved his Tiny Superhero status and were so very proud of him. Luke was proud of his cape! It was a symbol of strentgh for all. This organization changes lives by bringing hope, love, and acceptance in difficult and someetimes heartbreaking times. Thank you!💖 I miss my little buddy Super Luke!

  3. Amy Olson Cook
    Amy Olson Cook says:

    Most people never realize how many school custodians are super hero’s too. Not surprising that Luke figured it out. Not surprising at all.

  4. Janna Blum
    Janna Blum says:

    Thank you so much for sponsoring Eli’s cape. Your story is so similar to ours and I am heartbroken for you, Eli will proudly wear his cape in Luke’s memory.


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