We are so excited to ship your cape and patch! Follow these instructions to claim your cape.

1. Find the email that just contains your claim code.

Completing the form above generates an automated email that contains your claim code. The email will look like the image below!

2. Copy your claim code from the email, then tap the blue button.

This will take you to our online store where you will choose your personalized cape! Select your cape size and color, and enter your child’s name.

Do not be alarmed by the $50 price! You will enter your claim code at checkout!

Tap the gray “Make a selection” button (circled above).

3. On the Shopping Cart page, tap the ‘Checkout’ button.

Still don’t be alarmed by the $50 price! You will enter your claim code on the checkout page!

4. Add your free Official Member Patch to your cart & optional personalization at additional cost.

A screen will pop up about your Official Member Patch and final personalization option! Tap the “Add to Cart” button to add your free patch. You can choose to add personalization for $15 at this point or not. Then tap “Continue”.

5. Paste your claim code into the discount code box.

Now, you’ll need your claim code that you copied from your email!

From a computer:

Paste your claim code where the red circle is, then “Continue to payment”.

It will look like this when the code has been accepted:

From a phone:

Tap this blue text that says “Tap to enter claim or promo code”

Enter your claim code where it says “Discount Code”

You will see the code applied and the price will go to $0 (unless you have added additional items).

6. Proceed through checkout! You did it!!!

Need help? We’re here for you!
Email us at [email protected]

Text us at (833) 990-2600