Is my kid a TinySuperhero?

The TinySuperheroes Crew loves all the questions we get here at TinySuperheroes HQ. It’s true! We think it’s AWESOME because that means we have a wonderfully engaged community! But we think the answer to one question in particular deserves its own blog post: Does my child’s diagnosis qualify them as a TinySuperhero?

First of all, the answer is always YES. We have learned that every kid could use a reminder of their courage, strength and hope, no matter what they are battling! We have a nearly never-ending list of different diagnoses on our Squad. (Seriously, the list goes on forever.) The fact that each of our TinySuperheroes is unique is what makes our Squad so incredible. We are here to celebrate the wins and support each other when things get tough! (And don’t even get me started about how incredible our Super Sidekicks are! They are so deserving of their “Super” status too!)

One recent instance inspired me to more openly address this question, especially considering there are probably more people wondering this as our community is growing every day!

I had been talking to the mom of one of our TinySuperheroes All-Stars, Super MaKree, thanking her for helping sponsor capes for over 10 other TinySuperheroes! Her response took my breath away:

“So, when I first found TinySuperheroes I thought it was a fantastic idea, and I wanted to sign my daughter up. But my first thought was that she was doing so well we would just let those capes go to those kids who ‘really’ need them. Then, MaKree came home from Preschool one day a few weeks ago and asked me, “Mom, how come I can’t run like the other kids in my class? I can’t even play tag with them because I can never catch anyone.” At that moment TinySuperheroes popped into my mind. I want her to know that she has overcome so much in her short life. I want her to know that just because she can’t run as fast, she is still an amazing kid. So without hesitation I signed her up. It’s hard to have to explain to your five-year-old what a traumatic brain injury is. It’s hard to explain that more than likely she will deal with being ‘different’ her whole life. What’s easy is showing her that she is a superhero and that she is special. So thank you so much for the opportunity to help my child see how truly amazing she is.Y’all are angels on earth and I hope you continue doing what you are doing. It means so much to parents like me and to kids like MaKree. From the bottom of our hearts…..thank you!” -Super Mom Melanie

Super MaKree is the epitome of a TinySuperhero, and we are so lucky to have her on our Squad!

Later on that day, I was scrolling through our TinySuperheroes group, and I stumbled upon this post:

That is when our group members worked their magic! This post buzzed with likes and comments. All of which were supporting Super Mom Liz, and telling her that Super Madison is ABSOLUTELY a TinySuperhero!  I was so proud of our group. Just look at some of these comments:

Right away Super Mom Liz nominated Super Madison, and guess what! She has already funded her own cape AND three other TinySuperheroes’ capes!

So, in closing, if you have any doubts about whether or not to nominate your TinySuperhero, please do. Nothing would make us happier than to have them on our Squad. Thank you for being such an amazing community. ❤️

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