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The Launch Mission did exactly that. There was built up anticipation, and then:




Blast off!

It catapulted through our expectations, and it just kept soaring. While we knew that the Patches Program was something our Squad wanted, the creativity and positivity that has been pouring out from this Mission has been awe-inspiring.

We had over 2,339 superheroes unlock their mission by the end of the very first day, and we have had over 4,000 in total! 

For those of you who may not know, we started the Patches Program at the beginning of January. Through the Patches Program, each month our Squad can complete Missions to unlock their superpowers and earn patches for their capes! The cape is just the beginning of the Journey, and the Patches Program allows our Squad members to grow and stay united – across the whole world!

This Launch Mission is the very first one, and it lays the foundation for the rest of our Squad’s Missions. Their task was to make their own Toolbox, which will be their place to put the special things they acquire throughout their TinySuperheroes Journey. So, if they are ever in need of a reminder of what makes them Extraordinary, or how many superpowers they are capable of, (like strength, courage, love) they know exactly where to look!

And these toolboxes – some immense creativity, thought, and time was put into them!


As I was scrolling through all of the Mission Submissions, I was completely overwhelmed with happiness. (And, when I feel any emotion strongly – whether it is anger, sadness, or in this case pure happiness – I start to tear up.)  So, you can imagine the full force of joyful emotion that I felt as I saw hundreds upon hundreds of TinySuperheroes with huge smiles on their faces proudly holding up their toolboxes.


While working at TinySuperheroes has brought me to “happiness tears” many times, this case in particular gave me so much hope and excitement. Our Squad goes through countless battles every single day, and these capes bring hope to them, but what many may not realize is how much strength and hope it gives me, indirectly. Just to know that by being part of the TinySuperheroes Crew, that I can bring at least one smile to a kid, especially a superhero, fills my heart. But to see hundreds of these smiles, I felt like my heart was actually going to burst!

To say I am excited for the rest of the Missions to be sent out is an understatement. One of our goals that we have been striving towards is not only to get a cape to every child overcoming disability or illness, but also to fill their cape with patches. By receiving a cape, these kids know that they are super. However, by Unlocking their Superpowers, they remember that they are capable of so much, and that they have a Squad full of people that care, love, and support them throughout their journey. 


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