Welcome to your TinySuperheroes

Be sure to submit your completed Mission in order to receive your Patch!

Your Goal for the Launch Mission:

Create your TinySuperheroes Toolbox

Your Toolbox will be a place to put the special things you acquire throughout your TinySuperheroes Journey. If you are ever in need of a reminder of what makes you Extraordinary, you will know exactly where to look!

The Patch you will earn when you complete the Launch Mission:

What you will need to complete the Launch Mission:

a Box!

a few ideas: shoe box, kleenex box, gift box, lunch box, pencil box…


you might also want to use glue, markers, scissors, magazines…

Follow these 3 steps to complete the Launch Mission:

Decorate your Toolbox however you’d like! Here’s a few ideas to help you get started:

• Put your name on your Toolbox! (Be sure to include “Super” in front of your name!)

• Cut out pictures, words or colorful pieces from magazines & glue them to your Toolbox!

• Have a photo of you in your cape? That would look AWESOME on your Toolbox!

• Inside of your Toolbox, write today’s date so that you’ll always remember when you started your journey!

Ask your grown-up to take a photo of you holding your TinySuperheroes Toolbox! Be sure to wear your cape in the photo if you can! If you’d like, we will share it with your Squad!

You are not required to submit a photo with your Mission. If you chose not to submit a photo, you will just answer a simple question about your experience instead!

All that‘s left to do is tap the red button below to let us know that you completed your Mission! This is how we’ll know to send your Patch!

Remember to submit a completed Mission for each child who participated. If two children completed the Mission, you will need to submit the form two times.

We can’t wait to see your Patches on your Cape!

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