Meet the Crew: Jamie

The Intro: I am a Wife & Mama Bear. A Believer. An absolute Fun-Haver and Sweat-Seeker. I am married to my handsome hubby, Dave. We just celebrated 10 years of marriage. His side-gig (and the one that caught my eye 13 years ago) is dj’ing. He is always taking the parties we throw for local TinySuperheroes to the next level with music and fun.

I have three very-spirited kiddos of my own. Kylie (8), Weston (6), and Theodore (3). At 15 months, Theo had Bilateral Ureteral-Reimplant Surgery after discovering his kidneys were under-developing in-utero due to Grade 5 Reflux and a complicated renal system. He amazes me everyday with his ability to not only overcome, but take on and do so with joy and curiosity!

My professional life has been an adventure, to say the least. While studying for my Master’s in Social Work, I was also a Professional Boxer/Kickboxer. I had the opportunity to travel all over the nation. I earned two National and one International title as well as becoming a Golden Glove Champ. This chapter of my life taught me so much about myself and the phantom limits I was creating.

At the end of my education, I walked away a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communication and Cultural Studies. I have worked in the local court system as a Sexual Assault Victim Advocate, been House Mom to children in a local residential program that have complex medical/emotional/social needs.

I spent most of my professional career in Special School District supporting families to have a voice and a place at the table as decisions were made for their children. I trained and coached schools to implement interventions that leveraged the strengths and unique abilities of individuals and families and worked to build inclusive and integrated models for school districts so that every child felt a sense of belonging in their home-school community.

Before coming to TSH (which is my dream job), I was recruited to Mizzou’s Department of Special Education to continue supporting rural, suburban and urban district’s to build multi-tiered systems of support for all kids.

Role at TSH: Currently I am the Customer Service Task-Force. Ha Yep, me. So, I apologize if you’re frustrated with response times…we are working so hard at scaling up! This really is a dedicated, committed, inspiring team. I am happy to play any part of it. There are going to be some really exciting things coming your way soon. We all have so many hopes and dreams for this special community of TinySuperheroes.

How I got involved: Funny Story. I work out with Robyn’s Aunt (also a random circumstance). One day she said that I reminded her of her niece and she wanted us to meet. So, I did the logical thing and creeped on her Facebook page. I learned quickly how amazing she is (as you all know). The neatest part and why I really wanted to meet her was because she was a kidney donor. This may sound weird, but I have always wanted to donate a kidney AND my mom is a recipient of one. I wanted to hear all about Robyn’s journey and introduce her to my mom.

So, fast forward…Missy set up the date. Robyn and I met at a blanket making party that Missy hosted. By the end of the night, Missy was working on my blanket while Robyn and I chatted. At the end of the night, she said she has always followed her gut and God, and both were telling her to ask me out…Well to come work for her. I said, Yes!

What I’m passionate about: So many things. I heard a podcast recently that really resonated with me. Some of us are super clear and passionate about one special thing. And some of us are passionate about life and all the messiness of it. I fall in this camp. We are referenced as “hummingbirds that cross-pollinate the world”. I love a lot about a lot.

If I have to drill down what makes me tick, it is helping others find and grow their own amazingness. To help people see that they are uniquely and imperfectly perfect and have a gift to give this world. I try and spread joy and laughter (it’s more like a cackle) wherever I go and I aspire to leave places and people better than when I found them.

In conclusion: I am committed to this work and helping Robyn spread this mission of hope and empowerment. I believe God has me right where he wants me and I am excited to see what He is orchestrating. I have a heart for others and I hope you feel that as we interact and grow together.

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