Meet the Crew: Joe

TinySuperheroes wouldn’t be here without Joe. Literally. He has been here since the very beginning. Robyn began her journey by sewing capes in her kitchen as gifts for her family. But what you DIDN’T know is that TinySuperheroes started in Joe’s kitchen too… And guess what? He even gave Robyn her very first sewing machine! So really, it’s all thanks to Joe that TinySuperheroes exists. (Can we get a round of applause?)

But really, Joe has supported Robyn and encouraged her to follow this path. This takes great patience, courage and strength, and TinySuperheroes is blessed to finally officially welcome him as a full-time employee at HQ!

Here is brief overview of some of our favorite things about Joe that make him… well Joe! Joe has this breeze about him that is just so easy-going. He can make everyone and anyone feel welcome. He has a quick wit and an easy smile. He’s the go-to man for good coffee and a true food connoisseur. However, his most famous trademark is his long, luscious red (grey) beard.

For every “Meet the Crew,” I ask each employee how they got involved with TinySuperheroes. When I asked Joe, he said, “I lucked into it.” But lucky for you, I know the real story. And it’s the best type of story… A love story.

The year was 2008. It all started in Philosophy class. Joe knew Robyn was the one when she gave him the “hang-loose” sign after class. 🤙 He later swept her off her feet, and they soon eloped on a mountainside in Seattle, and had three beautiful monsters (cough, cough, children*)- Rory (8), Milo (5) and Sheldon (2, almost 3).

Since then, Joe has worked in Human Resources, until recently when TinySuperheroes snatched him up to be part of our Crew.

“Working at TinySuperheroes is unlike anything I have ever done professionally . . . I get to do a lot of exciting challenging things. It’s also great that we get to see how our day-to-day activities impact the TinySuperheroes’ community,” -Joe Rosenberger.

In addition to Human Resource related activities here at TinySuperheroes, Joe makes sure all of the capes get out the door. This is no easy task, and Joe has proved himself wonderfully. We have never been more caught up…. EVER! The office is more organized, and there is so much more help in all of the many other random activities that start-ups encounter. Joe is the perfect addition to our TinySuperheroes Crew, bringing so much balance both professionally and personally. We ❤️ you, Joe.

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