Meet the Crew: Kenzie

Need a problem solved? Kenzie is here for you! She has the super-human ability to solve any and every problem. From answering customer service questions, to doing all of the very necessary and very many random jobs at HQ, Kenzie has got it covered!

Kenzie pours her heart into everything she does, and she is constantly radiating compassion and thoughtfulness. So it is no wonder she is a PERFECT fit here at TinySuperheroes HQ!

“I am passionate about helping other people do the things they really want to do. I really love making sure people feel cared for and seen and helping make their burdens feel easier even if it’s through just helping them do one small thing.” -Kenzie

Kenzie seems too good to be true… So, I took the initiative to try and get some dirt on her. And who better to ask than her office-mate, Kristi! While I didn’t find any… I can reveal that Kenzie has her very own pair of work slippers! 😂

“Kenzie has been such an incredible addition to our team. She is an incredibly hard-worker, with an amazing attention to detail. We can always trust that she is going to do an amazing job with whatever she is working on. She makes a perfect office-mate!” -Kristi

When she has some time to herself you can find Kenzie drinking her morning coffee, reading in cozy corners and curling up with her favorite people (aka her husband, Andrew) with a bowl of popcorn to watch movies! One of the coolest fun facts about Kenzie is that she LOVES to celebrate birthdays! (Fun fact: She is also AMAZING at Calligraphy!)

Everyone has their own kryptonite though… and Chinese food and Target are Kenzie’s!

“Chinese food. I can’t say no! I could eat it every night of the week and never get enough. It takes all my money. And Target. Target takes all my money too.” -Kenzie

We love you, Kenzie! Thank you for making everyone at HQ’s lives easier. Thank you for the kind little notes and thoughtful gifts. Thank you for the hard work you do every single day.

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