Meet the Crew: Kristi

TinySuperheroes HQ is a magical place… but it is also a very busy place! Lots of times it can feel like a tornado is tearing through causing chaos. But in the middle of all of the crazy, there is Kristi – who can turn it into a much-needed calm and peaceful atmosphere! She does this just by being who she is, and we love her for that!

Kristi brings her harmonious vibes into her role as customer support! If you haven’t worked in customer support, let me assure you, it can be a tough job! But Kristi exemplifies patience and positivity every day.

Kristi gets to work directly with our families. She hears so many stories of how INCREDIBLE all of our TinySuperheroes are. She encourages, consoles, and solves any and every problem that arises.

“I love talking to our families and fix any problems as they arrive. I love hearing some of the amazing stories that our families have to share.”

Kristi has been part of the TinySuperheroes Crew since August 2019, but Robyn and Kristi are long-time high school friends! Life has a funny way of putting us on the right path… and well Kristi was definitely in the right place at the right time!

“Robyn and I were both out at a girl’s night this summer and started talking about work. She mentioned they were in need of someone to help with customer service and by the end of the night we had decided this could be a great fit!! I came to see the office the next morning and we made it official!”

(2016… Can you find Robyn and Kristi?!)

Kristi has a beautiful family. Her husband, Jason, and her met in college and even lived in Chile for a year! They have two kids, Judah (who is 9) and Ruby (who is 7)! They also have a pup named Tika, a bunny named Willow and three chickens: Clementine, Bessie and Vivienn! (You can find Tika hanging out with Patches at HQ all the time!)

Super Tika!

Kristi is also a VERY talented artist! In her spare time, you can find Kristi drawing, drinking tea, traveling (especially to somewhere by the ocean), reading books, teaching yoga, or watching Spanish television shows on Netflix.

So, if you ever email us, text us, or message us, most likely you will be talking to Kristi! Make sure to be kind or ask her about her chickens!

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