Meet the Crew: Megan K

Megan gets ship done. Whether it’s patches, gear or capes, Megan is the one making sure these items get to our TinySuperheroes!

Megan also has her ship together. She is organized, a multi-tasker and efficient, which are all key qualities to have here at HQ! On top of working at HQ, her and her husband, Dave, are raising four boys of their own: Ryan, Nicholas, Patrick and Colin. And then of course there is their bear named DOG. Oops! I mean their dog named BEAR!

Megan’s sister is Ellen – who is one of Robyn’s best friends and a favorite here at HQ! So, that is how Megan came to be on the TinyCrew! She also used to babysit Sheldon, Robyn’s youngest son, when he was first born. ‘

Megan is always doing for others. After I went back to work after adopting Maria, she took care of Maria one day a week. On top of taking care of her four boys and Maria, she would often make us dinner! Megan and Dave give so much of their time and energy to their church and the boys’ schools. They volunteer for EVERYTHING it seems!!!! On top of that, she is so much fun. She is involved in book clubs, dinner clubs, plays on a softball team, gardens, cooks, runs, and says yes to just about any and all social invitations. I love her energy and willingness to spend time connecting with all the people in her life and make deep friendships. She is the best mom to her four boys. She does everything from making dinner every night, driving to sports practices, and everything in between. Megan is a wonderful fit for TinySuperheroes because she is compassionate, self-less and such a positive person. She will give without ever counting the cost or expecting something in return. She has the biggest heart.” – Ellen

Megan’s Garden – Look at the Pumpkins she grew this year!

Some of Megan’s favorite things include hiking, the beach and her garden. Watch out though, she may have a green thumb, but she doesn’t like everything that is green. Her kryptonite is cilantro!

Just for fun… here is an amazing picture of her as a kid!

We are so lucky to have Megan here on our crew. She is the perfect fit!

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