Meet the Crew: Terri

Terri is a sewing phenomenon… Seriously. One time we gave her over 100 letters to sew onto capes… and I swear she finished in like an hour! It is truly an honor to have Terri as our seamstress here at TinySuperheroes HQ. Terri is responsible for personalizing all of the superhero capes. So, if your cape has a letter on it, Terri personally cut the letter, placed it on the cape and sewed it! She was even the one to wrap it all up in the tissue paper, put a sticker on it, package it up, and print the label with your name and address on it!

Not only is Terri lightning-quick, but her work is absolutely beautiful.

When Terri started working for TinySuperheroes two and a half years ago, she was helping Robyn by sewing 20-30 capes per month. Now, Terri is sewing more than 400 per month!

What a wonderful lady. But she doesn’t stop there!  

Terri was an OR nurse in pediatric hospitals for 30 years.

“I began my nursing career as a student at Deaconess School of Nursing and continued to work there after graduation. From there I went to work at Shriners Hospital for Children for over 6 years as an OR nurse. I left Shriners and started in the operating room at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. I stayed there for 24 years. The decision to leave was not easy. I loved working with and for the children. Now, at TinySuperheroes I can continue to work for the children, but just in a different setting!”

It is obvious that Terri is an incredibly caring, thoughtful and selfless person.When she isn’t sewing capes, you can find her gardening, practicing her faith or spending time with her family.

“I have been married to my wonderful husband for 28 years, and we have 4 awesome children. As they move out and develop their own careers and families, we are amazed at how quickly they have grown!”

When asked, she will tell you her superpower is the ability to hyper-focus on an activity which makes her a task-master! But top secret information from HQ will tell you that her kryptonite is chocolate and all forms of carbs!

Make sure to share your campaign so you can not only help 3 other TinySuperhereos get their capes, but also so you can get your cape personalized by a truly amazing person!

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