TinySuperheroes is so much more than a cape…

It’s a Squad of Extraordinary kids from all around the world!

It’s a place where your child will become a leader!

It’s a community where you will no longer have to feel alone.

It’s a family.

Through participating in our Monthly Missions, your TinySuperhero will…

Connect with other TinySuperheroes and learn what makes them unique and Extraordinary

Feel motivated and successful as they complete a new Mission each month!

Be proud of the patches they earn for their cape while they hone their super powers like kindness, courage and joy!

As a Monthly Squad Member, your child will receive…

  • A special envelope addressed to them in the mail each month

    They’ll be waiting at the mailbox to open their new Mission each month!

  • A secret passcode to unlock the monthly mission online

    This secret code unlocks the fun, character-building activity that kids with all abilities can complete!

  • Stickers & Trading Cards from the TinySuperhero leading the Mission

    They will be empowered to learn how other TinySuperheroes are just like them and also quite different than them!

  • A new patch to proudly add to their cape

    They will feel SO proud of the patches they earn and will create memories that will last forever.

Let’s get started!

How many TinySuperheroes would you like to sign up to receive Missions?

1 Child

(same household)

$10 per Month

2 Children

(same household)

$15 per Month

3 Children

(same household)

$20 per Month


What age are the Missions best for?

We specifically create our Missions so that kids of all ages, with all abilities can complete them. We hope you feel free to try it for any child, knowing that you can cancel your membership at any time!

Can I send this to someone as a gift?

Of course! In fact, this is a great gift for the special kids in your life. If you’d like to purchase the Membership for someone else, you will have the opportunity to provide details when you are checking out, and you can use the recipient’s information for the Shipping info! You can pay for their Membership monthly, or pay for 6 one year up front.

What if we have more than one child who wants to participate?

We are so excited that we’ve found a simple and affordable way for multiple kids in your family to participate. Each child will receive their own patch, trading cards and stickers in the mail each month.

If the children live at different addresses, you will want to purchase them separately so that they ship to the correct address.

Can I sponsor a Membership for a TinySuperhero if I don’t know someone?

We are working on this as we speak!

How do the Patches go onto the capes?

We’re all a bit too busy to sew Patches onto capes…so we made them Iron-On!  We’ve made a video to walk you through it!  https://youtu.be/tllSV3V5mig

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! And we are so excited that since our Missions are unlocked online, we are able to keep international shipping costs very low!