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Who can participate in the Patches Program?

All kids are welcome to participate!  If there are 3 kids in your family, all 3 can earn a patch!  You will just need to do a submission for each one individually to ensure they receive their patch!  No cape is needed to participate in the program, but if your child has not been nominated for his/her official cape, you can do so here:

Can siblings participate?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Do we have to have a cape in order to participate?

No cape required!  TinySuperheroes is a Squad for kids of all abilities.  If your child is overcoming an illness or disability, we would love to get an official cape to them at no cost to you!  If you have not done so already, you can nominate them for a cape now at

You can purchase a cape for any child at

When are the Missions due?

We have to be strict on our deadlines in order to keep up with a new Mission each month. Each month’s Mission will launch on the first Monday of the month. The Mission is due by the last day of the month. So, January’s Mission will release on January 7 and will be due on Monday January 31. Missions must be submitted by the deadline in order to receive the patch.

How much does it cost?

It’s free!  Seriously.

It’s free because we want every single TinySuperhero to have the opportunity to complete missions, earn patches for their capes and unlock their superpowers!

In order to successfully run our Patches Program, we have fun opportunities for you to help – specifically around your birthday!  Visit our Birthdays page to see how you can help!

Does my child need to be able to read or write?

Nope!  While some Missions may have a component of reading or writing, our Missions are for everyone on our Squad!  So sometimes their sidekicks or grown-ups might need to help, but that’s what being part of a Squad is all about – using our strengths to help one another!