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Last week I went to the top of a mountain (literally) and had an experience that quite frankly can’t be described in words. It seems like mountain-top experiences are fairly rare in life, so when they happen, I try to really feel them. In the Middle Of Nowhere, Utah…20 miles up a mountain…with no cell service or wifi…I had the opportunity to speak to a group of 160 college students, who are determined to change the world. To say the event, people, and scenery were beautiful would be an awful understatement.

If you haven’t heard of them already, Love Your Melon is a company well worth checking out. They began selling beanie hats in 2012 with a mission to give one to every child battling cancer in the United States. After donating more than 50,000 hats, they now donate money directly towards cancer research. It was started by two college students (Zach & Brian), but has grown to tens of thousands of college ambassadors all across the country.

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Love Your Melon created the APEX Experience, an opportunity for their top 160 college ambassadors to come together, meet each other, and be inspired. I was beyond honored to receive an invitation to come and share our story with them. Looking out into the sea of faces, I felt quite humbled by the weight of the situation, but I am always thrilled for any opportunity to talk about our Extraordinary TinySuperheroes and empower others to take action in their own lives.

While I was preparing what I wanted to say to these students, I couldn’t help but think about all the decisions that I have made that led to that moment. I can very clearly trace the beginning of TinySuperheroes back to a few decisions I made…decisions that I had no idea would shape and change my life forever.

The truth is, TinySuperheroes’ journey isn’t like a mountain-top experience. TinySuperheroes didn’t begin because of some great idea I had or a grand vision to change the world. TinySuperheroes started because I read a blog, was blown away by the strength of the family of a little girl named Brenna, and was ambitious enough to make her a cape.

There isn’t a single thing that any of us at TinySuperheroes has done which is Extraordinary in and of itself, (not referring to our Squad…everything they do is Extraordinary!) but I do believe that Extraordinary things sprout when we are intentional to make all of our ordinary decisions with pure hearts.

This was what I wanted these young people to hear from me…from us. It isn’t the things you do while you’re on top of a mountain that shape your life, but the choices you make each step of the way. In my experience, the decisions that I thought mattered the least were usually the ones that shaped me the most. This has proven true for TinySuperheroes as well.

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I was so blessed to hear the amazing stories of CureSearch, The Pinky Swear Foundation, and Headbands of Hope. Super Shepard (who joined the Squad that day!) came with his father to share about his battle with Leukemia. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room that day. And I want our TinySuperheroes to know that YOUR stories have changed hearts and are no doubt already having a ripple effect on the world.

I can’t express to you how grateful I am that our TinySuperheroes families are willing to share their journeys with us. Your willingness to be bold and vulnerable has changed my life. It is because of your strength and your courage that I am empowered to be strong and courageous.

As we all continue on our paths, let’s remember that our story is being written each step of the way. The decisions we make today will shape our tomorrow, and you never know which choice will be the one that redirects your path and changes your story.

TinySuperheroes still exists after 3 years because of every single step we’ve taken while we’ve climbed our mountain. It is so important to recognize what a blessing it is to see the world from the top, but it is truly the steps we take to get there that make the view beautiful.


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  1. Kaylie Pikus
    Kaylie Pikus says:

    I am so grateful for you coming to speak to us on top of that mountain! You made a huge difference in our weekend and in so many kids’ lives. You have such a big heart that we are so lucky that you shared with us! Thank you again for everything you shared with Love Your Melon! 🙂


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