“My TinySuperhero Doesn’t have the Ability to Complete the Mission.”

One common concern that we get every once in awhile is how a parent believes their TinySuperhero doesn’t have the mental or physical ability to complete a mission. And we want to empower you to believe that your TinySuperhero can do ANYTHING! We are always trying to improve our missions to make them achievable for everyone. We know they aren’t perfect, but we encourage you to adapt them in any way that you believe is best!

To help, we asked Super Mom Jennifer to explain how Super Josephine completes each mission.

“Sometimes I get upset about the things Super Josephine can’t do. She has little functional use of her hands, and she can’t hold her head up, much less sit. We can’t be sure where she is cognitively because her physical issues mask her cognitive abilities. 

But here is what I have realized. I can still help her do so much. I want her to experience everything possible. So we change things up, adapt, and figure it out.

Every month the TinySuperheroes Missions help remind me of this. I’ve never skipped a mission because, ‘She can’t.’ I might need to think about how ‘She can!’ 

For example, for the Kindness Mission, the mission is to find, paint and hide rocks. Super Josephine painted rocks by putting them in a sealed bag with paint and squishing it around. We’ve done that with other projects using card stock too. It is essentially mess-free. If we don’t mind the mess, we break out the finger-paint! We can trace her hand or make handprints. I help her with movement-based missions. We take pictures or videos for visual missions. Sometimes I talk to her and show her each step just to involve her. There are so many ways for her to participate once I consider it. 

We’ve done every single mission together in our own way since January 2019 when the free patch program started.

If you ever need suggestions for how to do a mission, reach out to TinySuperheroes or post in the Facebook group to others that may have similar needs to your child. TinySuperheroes is very understanding when it comes to how you complete each mission. One of my favorite things about TinySuperheroes is how inclusive they are. Join in, have fun, and earn your free patches for your cape. You too can turn ‘I don’t know if that mission is right for us…’ into ‘I can!'”

Questions? We are happy to help!

Email: [email protected]

Text: 1-256-387-7548

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