Normalized – A TinyLetter by TSH Crew Member, Maggie 9.19.20

Talking with a mom who is distressed about how her son’s legs are being amputated tomorrow.
Sorting through a list of hundreds of photos and names of children who have gained their angel wings.
Joking with a mom as she waits in the emergency room for the third time this week as her child can’t breathe.
Sending a card to a three-year-old child for their 20th surgery.

These occurrences in my life are normalized. They no longer shock me. They no longer make me hold my breath. Tears don’t come crashing down like they used to.
I wouldn’t say I have become desensitized, because I am invested and care now more than ever. I also wouldn’t say that emotionally it doesn’t take a toll on me, because it does. All of the hurt, all of the pain and all of the suffering that I have seen people I care about go through… it builds up, and I do break down uncontrollably every so often.

While it is normalized, I have also gained a greater understanding.
The TinySuperheroes community has taught me that life can throw incomprehensible pain our way, so much so that it becomes normalized in our lives. But we are capable of so much more than we could ever imagine.

I don’t cry because I know that Courage is contagious.
I don’t cry because I know how extraordinarily Strong that child is.
I don’t cry because I know Hope can work miracles.

So, thank you.
Thank you for giving me greater understanding and teaching me how to be strong in the worst situations life could throw at you.



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