Courage, Strength & Hope for your superhero and a community for you that 'gets it'.

Each nominated child not only receives an Official Cape but also becomes a part of a global Squad comprising over 120,000 kids. Together, they are transforming how the world perceives illness and disability.


How it Works

  1. Nominate a Child: Celebrate the power and resilience of a child battling an illness or disability by nominating them for our TinySuperheroes Squad.
  2. Redeem your Cape: In just one week, you will receive a special code that ensures your child's superhero journey begins with their very own TinySuperheroes cape.
  3. Support the Mission: Help us empower every extraordinary child by sharing your unique Cape Campaign link within your community. Your support matters!
  4. A Personal Touch: Achieve a sponsorship goal of $50, and we will personalize your child's cape with their initial, making their superpower journey extra special.
  5. Keep the Power Flowing: Continue sharing your campaign and empowering more children. Every additional $50 raised sponsors a TinySuperheroes cape for another extraordinary child!

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