Past Mission: April 2021

List of Supplies

1. Two toilet paper rolls
2. Glue
3. Decoration Materials
4. Yarn/String
5. Hole Puncher
6. Or, say no to these supplies altogether, and use your hands as binoculars instead!


Reference the steps below to understand how you’ll use this month’s downloads.


1. Make Hand Binoculars

This option is simple, and you’ll always have your supplies. Use your hands to make two circles, then place them around your eyes. Voila! If you’re making DIY Binoculars, skip this step.

2. Make Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars

Glue two toilet paper rolls together and decorate with markers, paint, or anything you want!

3. Attach Your Yarn

Next, punch 2 holes on the outer edge of the left and right side. String yarn through the holes, and tie them to make a neck strap.

4. Go searching for Wondrous things!

There are Wondrous things all around. Try looking at something really tiny, like an ant, or something really HUGE, like the sky! Seek a new perspective on the things we see everyday.

5. Snap a photo!

Ask a grown-up to take a photo of you completing your Wonder Mission. If you’d rather not take a photo, don’t worry—you can submit feedback about your experience instead.

6. Report to TSHQ!

To wrap up your Mission and receive a Patch, tap the button below. Remember to submit a separate Mission form for each TinySuperhero who completed a Mission!

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Meet the Rosenberger Boys

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Superpowers: Wonder, Empathy & Joy
Favorite things: Pizza, Fortnite & Soccer

Meet the Rosenberger boys! Famous for being the kids of TSHQ's own, Robyn and Joe Rosenberger! The oldest is Super Rory, aka ROAR-y. Next up is Super Milo, aka Milo-Moo. And last but not least, is Super Sheldon, aka Shelly-Monster! This trio of trouble has been along the TinySuperheroes journey since the very beginning!

Super Rory is a natural born leader. He exudes empathy, courage, and kindness. He could convince you to do most anything, but lucky for us, he usually uses this superpower for good. :) Super Milo faces the invisible villain, anxiety, everyday with so much courage and strength. If you are ever lucky enough to get a moment alone with him, you'll learn how incredibly sweet and thoughtful he is. Super Sheldon is the light and sunshine of the group. Full of smiles and joy, this TinySuperhero will steal your heart in an instant. He was diagnosed with Vertical Talus as a baby, but he beat that and is thriving! Watch out for this TSH trio, because they are definitely going to change the world for better.


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