Patches are Coming! SOON!

The launch of our new Patches Program is right around the corner!  We are excited to tell you all about it!


Our Mission at TinySuperheroes is to empower Extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability. We are always striving to welcome more kids to our Squad while also providing fuel to all of them.  Our new Patches Program is our next step towards this.


At TinySuperheroes, the cape is just the beginning. We live by this motto within our HQ, but we also have to live it in order to ACTUALLY empower the Extraordinary kids who make up our Squad. If the cape is just the beginning for our TinySuperheroes, then what is next???


About 2 years ago I offered a paid monthly Membership where families could receive monthly activities in the mail to complete and earn patches for their capes.

There were a few things about this that were most important to me.


  • Kids love receiving mail.
  • Negative voices surround us, and kids. Throw in the exceptional challenge of having special needs and the voices become very loud. Our messages of affirmation need to be louder, which means these kids need to hear from us often and regularly.
  • Authentic pride is developed by achieving goals and overcoming challenges. To build pride in our TinySuperheroes, we have to give them opportunities to succeed.
  • Every child deserves the opportunity to participate.


We had over 120 families participating in our Monthly Membership for over a year. It was awesome – I felt it was working! The kids who participated were engaged, excited and proud! But there were way more than 120 kids in our community who deserved this opportunity, and I knew the $10 monthly cost was simply too much, but wasn’t sure of the solution (yet).

Then, we did a survey to 3,000 families in our community…


Is your child part of an extracurricular group or activity?

NO 80%

YES 20%


Would your child like to be?

NO 20%

YES 80%


This is a problem, and I believe TinySuperheroes can be part of the solution. I have a deep desire to fill this void. I long for TinySuperheroes to be a Squad – a community – where every child is welcomed, celebrated, encouraged, supported and empowered.


In 2019, we are breaking down the barrier – we’re making our new Patches Program free for everyone. I am so excited…and slightly terrified if I’m honest!  We are using what we learned from our Monthly Membership and making it accessible for everyone.


How will this work?  Great question.


The Patches Program is designed to help our TinySuperheroes unlock their superpowers.


On the first Monday of each month we will release a new activity for our Squad. We call these activities “Missions”.  Each Mission will focus on unlocking a unique superpower like kindness, courage, strength, etc.


Upon the release of a new Mission, there are 4 easy steps to take:

  1. Unlock Mission

Once a new Mission is released you will go to and simply click the “Unlock Mission” button.  Enter your email address, and you will instantly receive a link to access your secret Mission!


  1. Power Up!

This is the phase where you actually DO your Mission! Once you unlock the Mission (described above) we will give you all of the information you need to complete your Mission!  Be as simple or creative as you’d like to complete your Mission! Take photos while you’re working on your Mission so you can report to HQ when you’re done!


  1. Report to HQ

Now that your Mission is done, you need to report back to HQ!  (HQ is what we call our Headquarters!) Click the “Report to HQ” button at and provide a description or photo of your Mission! Missions are due at the end of each month.


  1. Mission Complete

You’re work is complete!  Now, we will ship your patch to wear proudly on your cape!  (The patches can be ironed on by a grown up, no sewing skills necessary!)  We hope you’ll send us a photo to show off your new patch!


Our first Mission releases on January 7th (the first Monday of the month).  This is our Launch Mission and we will be building the foundation for our TinySuperheroes’ Journey.


We hope you will join us.  The action will all happen at  (Remember, you have to patiently wait until January 7th!)


Questions?  Leave them in the comments below – your insight will likely help many others (and us) too!

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