Be sure to submit your completed Mission in order to receive your Patch!

Your Goal for the Patience Mission:

Create a time capsule to exercise your superpower of Patience and see how much you learn and grow over time.

Sometimes, every step we take may feel small and difficult. By reflecting and crafting something awesome, with time and Patience, we will see the big picture. Everyday we are achieving Extraordinary things! 

The Patch you will earn when you complete the Patience Mission:

Follow these 6 steps to complete the Patience Mission and earn your Patch!

1. Find a Capsule!

A Time Capsule is a container that stores objects chosen to capture the present time, hidden away to be discovered in the future!  You can choose any type of container you’d like for your time capsule, but some examples include a jar, a box, a tin can, or even an envelope!    

2. Decorate your Time Capsule! 

Be creative! But make sure to include your name and the date of when you created your Time Capsule! 

3. Fill your Time Capsule! 

You can fill your time capsule with lots of different things, but the key is to fill it with things that will help you remember this moment in your life! 

Here is a list to help. Choose which ones work best for you! (Sidekicks and Super Parents are encouraged to help AND create their own Time Capsule because no superhero can ever save the world without the help of friends!) 

  • Cut a string or ribbon to match how tall you are
  • Trace/Stamp your hand and feet on a piece of paper
  • Color a picture
  • Sign your autograph on a piece of paper
  • A photograph of you
  • A note from a loved one
  • Your favorite color crayon
  • Write a letter to yourself.
  • A memento from a doctor appointment
  • A worksheet from school that you are proud of
  • A news clipping from this time
  • anything that matters to you or represents this time in your life!

5. Hide your Time Capsule!

Hide it anywhere you think it will be safe! Some examples include under your bed, in a drawer or buried in your backyard. Then, don’t look inside it for a REALLY long time! 

When you need a reminder of your superpower of Patience and also a reminder of where you hid your Time Capsule, make sure to write a note of where you hid it and put that note in your toolbox!  (Don’t have a toolbox?  Be sure to complete the Launch Mission!)

5. Take Pictures

We can’t wait to see your awesome Time Capsule, and we LOVE seeing you! Take pictures while you complete the Mission! Post pictures on Facebook using @TinySuperheroes and #PatienceMission and submit one with your Mission!  Don’t forget to wear your cape in your picture!

6. Report to HQ

When you’re done hiding your Time Capsule, be sure to submit your Mission by tapping the blue button below! We love watching you soar!  If your sidekicks completed the Mission, too, be sure to submit one for them as well!  Each child will be submitted separately.

Meet Super Remedy! 

We are so excited to introduce you to Super Remedy this month! She is one of the original TinySuperheroes, and she lives in Alaska! 

Super Remedy makes friends everywhere she goes and teaches those around her how to give thanks for everything, even when things seem bad. Super Remedy has taken on a great mission of fighting Pineoblastoma, a rare form of brain cancer. She was diagnosed at age 3 and has fought through surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation – ALWAYS with a smile. Her personality and her faith are both much bigger than the cancer she is fighting. She has made everyone she’s met along her journey into not only her cheerleader but also her friend! 

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