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Don't you dare settle for fine! - Vinyl Sticker - Lasso Quote

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Wisdom of one of our favorite futbol coaches: Harnessed. A Lasso sticker is the perfect way to let everyone know that you're a smart, savvy individual who knows what's what. Plus, it's a great way to show your support for the man who's singlehandedly teaching us all about proper business management. Stick it to the man, and stick it to your wall - with a Lasso sticker.

Stick them on your laptop, water bottle, or anywhere you need a boost of confidence. Whether you're looking to motivate yourself or your team, these stickers are perfect for getting everyone on track and inspired. Printed on high quality waterproof vinyl, these stickers are perfect for any surface and designed to last!

Sticker or Magnet size: 3" x 2.42"