Puerto Rico TinySuperheroes

I have to tell you an amazing story, and it involves new TinySuperheroes, in Puerto Rico!

Our amazing crew member Maggie has been spending some time working remotely from Puerto Rico! We were happy to support her venture as I am the first to know that some new mental and physical space (along with the ocean) are necessary for the soul to thrive.

Since Maggie was going to be there for a few weeks (and I tend to have a knack for ‘creating opportunities’ when beaches are involved) I reached out to some members of an organization I belong to in St. Louis which has chapters around the world. I was humbled by their immediate response and open arms for us to deliver capes to the children in their hospitals! The love and enthusiasm that many have shown us in Puerto Rico has been inspiring.

So yesterday I caught a flight, Joe embraced running an all boys house, and today Maggie and I had the true privilege of delivering capes to children at two local hospitals here. With their permission, I’d love to share a few of their stories with you.

First we visited Ashford Presbyterian Hospital in San Juan. This is a general hospital so had a low kid-count today, but for me, being able to actually spend time with families is equally valuable as delivering a lot of capes, so we embraced it.

Maggie speaks Spanish. I kind of speak Spanish. About 30 seconds into meeting Super Alberto (above) he told me I should just speak English to him! hahaha

Anyways, what I LOVED about meeting Super Alberto is that he is a typical 14 year old boy, so the idea of some random stranger giving him a superhero cape seemed silly at best. It took a minute, but by the end of my time with him, we were both smiling!

We also got to visit the sweet babies in their NICU and meet the cutest little girl! I’ll include their pictures in a gallery at the end!

Next we went to Hospital Pediátrico Universidad also in San Juan. It is so amazing to see hospitals outside of the systems I am used to. We were able to deliver the remaining 20 capes that we brought with us for the trip and met some incredible kids…some of which I did have to humbly speak to in my rough Spanish!

One of the highlights was Super Alexander. He is 19 years old. A volunteer was with us and went into each room to see if they’d like us to come in before we did. Alexander was in the process of getting blood drawn and he was nervous, so he didn’t think he deserved a cape! He let us in anyways and we loved him the moment we met him! He’s just the sweetest guy, but does not enjoy getting his blood drawn, so I took the opportunity to distract him and tell him how brave TinySuperheroes are for blood draws! He is at University studying the culinary arts and someday I’m going to have him cook for me!

Unlike these teenagers, I wasn’t able to win the favor of this sweet girl, but goodness did she win my heart!

The staff at the Children’s Hospital was so excited about what happened today that they asked us to come back in May to deliver capes to the entire hospital! I can’t tell you what their warm welcome means to us and we would be honored to do so, and that’s the plan! If you’re interested in helping make that happen, click here.

I wish I could put you all into a suitcase and bring you on these adventures with me, but I hope you trust when I tell you that I carry all of you with me when I go. Above all, thank you for helping us empower these incredible kids and families. It may look like a cape, but it is much, much more.

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