Refining our Super Powers

Hello! It’s Robyn Rosenberger and I’m so happy for the opportunity to share some of the inside scoop of what is going on at TinySuperheroes HQ these days!

January 15th marked the 3rd Anniversary of TinySuperheroes! It is hard to think that 3 years have already gone by, and impossible to imagine our life beforehand! This journey has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, and learning to grow a business and a social mission has been inspiring, exciting and terrifying!

The great news is that we are growing! We have now sent over 9,000 capes and that number grows daily. We have spent the last year really digging deep into how to make TinySuperheroes sustainable. My heart in TinySuperheroes is not only to empower kids as they overcome illness and disability, but to transform the way the world views illness and disability altogether. We want to train people to begin looking for others’ super powers and what makes them Extraordinary, rather than what makes them different. And because I think this is SO important, I want to build TinySuperheroes into something that will far outlive me.

Turns out, building a business that is driven by a social mission is really hard (which may explain why more people aren’t doing it!) Costs add up quickly when you’re creating thousands of capes, shipping them all over the world, and trying to create a community that can love and empower each other daily. We started TinySuperheroes using a Buy One, Give One model and we are thrilled that we have not strayed from that in the least. Not being a business guru myself, there have been great growing pains in trying to figure out the financial piece that would enable our mission to succeed.

I am thrilled to share our exciting changes with you, because it gives me hope that this is indeed only the beginning of TinySuperheroes. But change usually isn’t easy, so I want to be transparent with you about the transitions we have made.  I also want you to know that every single decision I make for TinySuperheroes goes through our Mission’s filter. If the decision does not improve our ability to empower Extraordinary kids, it isn’t the right decision for us.

The first change you’ll see is that our baseline capes no longer have initials on them. This was a hard one for me. The catalyst for this decision was that it is not possible to stock this variety (4 sizes + 4 colors + 26 letters = 416 variations!) in a retail setting (or in my basement). And because we are SO excited about upcoming opportunities to sell our capes in Children’s Hospitals, this was important to us. We love the new design options and we can’t wait to create more!  But don’t worry, initials are not gone completely! There is now an option to personalize your cape with 1, 2, or 3 initials!

cape cluster

On the flip side (literally) I am in love with the new custom flannel fabric that lines the inside of our capes! I think you’re going to love it too!

The hardest aspect of TinySuperheroes’ growth has been manufacturing the capes. It was fun sewing the first 700+ capes in my living room, and we had many generous offers from volunteers wanting to sew, but these options are not logistically doable or sustainable for us right now.

We have had an amazing family in Seattle, WA sewing the capes for the past 2 years, but costs of manufacturing are very high, and when we finally slowed down to look at the numbers (I avoided that for a loooooong time) we realized that TinySuperheroes was running on fumes. Because of this, we recently outsourced the creation of our capes. We are thrilled with how amazing they look (none of the cuddly, bright or safe qualities have changed) and most importantly, this change in conjunction with a price increase for our Buy a Cape, Give a Cape option, puts us on a path where TinySuperheroes could become a stable company in the coming years! This is HUGE!

If you (like me) aren’t naturally business-minded, these changes might be upsetting, but I assure you, each change is made with great deliberation (you can ask my husband!).  I have been blessed with guidance from people who truly believe in me and our Mission (and who know a lot more about numbers than I do). I want to be open with you as we continue to grow because I want you to know that the bottom line of TinySuperheroes is bringing strength, courage and hope to children and their families.

We are much more than a superhero cape company. I appreciate your support, understanding and excitement as we make the changes necessary to build a platform where our TinySuperheroes can stand tall, be seen and be heard loud & clear.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, you can contact me directly by email at

As always, thank you for all of your love and support!

All of my love to each of you,

Robyn Rosenberger

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TinySuperheroes is a superhero cape company with a BIG mission to to empower Extraordinary kids as they overcome illness or disability.

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  1. Nikki Cordell-Miller
    Nikki Cordell-Miller says:

    We are so grateful to you and these amazing gifts that you have given our girls and so many others. We hope and pray that you have lots of success on your new changes. Xoxo

  2. Angela Boccia
    Angela Boccia says:

    Congratulations Robyn!!! You and your team are amazing and I look forward to the new capes. They are beautiful…kudos
    I wonder how we can get your "loving product" here in Toronto to Sick Kids hospital. I too am not business oriented ?

  3. says:

    Robyn, with great power comes great responsibility. Your responsibility is to be sustainable and be around for many many years to come. And with these changes you have done so. You are my superhero and an inspiration to all. An example of how to give what you can and make a better world for those who need a little lift in their spirits. I speak for my entire organization and all the children who you made smile last year when I say, "We love you!" Thank you for everything! – Syndi Sills, Exec. Dir./Founder Butterfly Dreams Pageants

  4. Alan Sr Coddington
    Alan Sr Coddington says:

    I have been blessed with 2 healthy children. When I first saw your story it struck me as a wonderful thing you were doing. I immediately donated 10 capes and recently 10 more. Doing what you have to do to continue bringing joy to these children is the right decision on your part! I’ll be there in the future for you, keep em coming!


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