Santa Visits TinySuperheroes HQ

TinySuperheroes HQ is a unique place. Some days it’s very quiet. The lights are dimmed, and it’s just me. But most of the time, it’s bustling with kind-hearted people working really hard to get capes to superheroes from around the world.

There’s one thing that never changes at HQ…it’s always magical. Today, this rings especially true. It is the morning of the Santa Party.

St. Louis’ South City Optimist Club was kind enough to throw a holiday party for TinySuperheroes! People of all ages have filled the room. I am sitting at the arts and crafts table by Super Sawyer and Super Danni. I hear the familiar rumble of the train roar by, but today this train is special. It is dropping off Santa all of the way from the North Pole to visit the incredible kids at HQ! (He took the Polar Express because his reindeer are resting up for Christmas Eve.) I see Super Sawyer’s eyes light up as he feels the rumble of the train, too. I mention how excited I am to see Santa, and how he is probably getting off that train now. And sure enough, Santa comes through the door soon after!

Super Ava ran right up to Santa! Super Ava, if you ever get the pleasure of meeting her, is among the sweetest and most courageous of the Squad. She was the first to sit on Santa’s lap, and she quickly captivated the whole room. In the commotion, Super Ava’s tiny voice began to proudly sing ‘Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer.’ Santa quickly joined in, and then the song slowly took over the whole room as one by one we all joined in to sing the song. It was like a movie scene, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” Super Ava’s Christmas cheer and the magic that goes with it, like a wave, took over TinySuperheroes HQ.








This was the start of something magical, indeed. Everywhere I looked little pieces of magic were happening. There were Squad members soaring around the room.

One Extraordinary kid at TinySuperheroes HQ had yet to receive his cape, though: Super Charlie. When it was Super Charlie’s turn to sit on Santa’s lap, all eyes were on him. The Squad was prepared to add another member and surprise Super Charlie with his blue cape! While a little tentative at first, Super Charlie opened the box. He unwrapped his new cape, and I could see his face change into a big smile as he realized that having a cape meant that he was a superhero.













Later Super Charlie could be found next to Super Maria. Both TinySuperheroes communicate using a special device. Super Maria is usually quite tentative to use her “talker”, especially with someone she doesn’t know…but there the two of them were, learning about each other through their talkers.

While people in the TinySuperheroes community were coming in and out of HQ all morning, Super Carlos and his family were one of the last to arrive, but boy, did they make one of the biggest impacts. Super Frida, one of Super Carlos’ sisters, also joined the Squad today! She was beaming ear to ear with such a beautiful smile the whole time. Immediately, she put her purple cape on and started flying, yes I said flying, around the room.

By now, most of the kids had their fair amount of candy thanks to the many delicious snacks that the Optimist Club provided. Super Rory told Alexa to play music, specifically ‘Kiki’ by Drake. And while at first many of the adults made skeptical disapproving faces at the loud song choice, something sparked inside the kids, and a dance party began to form in middle of TinySuperheroes HQ! Little bodies began to move to the music and laughter consumed the room. Super Liam knew every word. Super Carlos was the star of the show, in the center of the dance floor. I specifically felt incredibly special because Super Carlos wanted ME to dance with HIM! I was truly honored and felt the magic swell in my heart as I joined in the dance party.

As the Santa Party slowly but surely came to an end, it was just me and the quiet in TinySuperheroes HQ again. I glanced up and saw Courage, the TinySuperheroes elf. He had been sitting above the door the whole time keeping a watchful eye on everyone, and I swear he winked at me as I locked up TinySuperheroes HQ. The magic that TinySuperheroes brings to my life is truly incredible, and I am so blessed to be a part of it.


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