Spina Bifida National Playdate

You know those times in your life where you agree to go somewhere, but you really have no idea what you just signed up for? Like this could be AMAZING, or it could be the exact opposite… Well, that was kind of my feeling for the National Spina Bifida Playdate. The car was packed, the details were fuzzy, but off we went on a road trip to Kansas City! My stomach was a big melting pot of anxiety and excitement.  

And well…

It was AWESOME. 

I met so many new TinySuperheroes. Everywhere I looked there was a kid soaring through the room. It was just a blur of different colored capes and smiles. 

What really took me by surprise though was how many kids were there that already had capes! More than 100 kids join our Squad everyday, so despite my want to know each and every kid personally, I can’t! Especially considering so many capes are sent across the world, so far away from HQ (St. Louis, MO). 

One kid in particular, Super Cade, had a cape absolutely FULL of Patches. He was completely invested in the program. This meant so much to me. It never fails to make my heart swell when I learn that TinySuperheroes has positively impacted someone’s life. It is hard to imagine that what I do on a daily basis could have such a profound effect on someone, but sometimes, it really, really does. And to see this, and be lucky enough to meet a new Squad member that has been impacted, is truly a blessing. 

I got to hangout with some realllyyyyyy cool people too. 

For example, there was Danny Lamb and Em Jordan, who came all the way from Canada! They are an inspiration. Em is battling Spina Bifida, and Danny is battling Hydrocephalus. But BOTH are using their musical talents to raise awareness and spread positivity!

And there was Mario, who is a TinySuperhero regular and friend! He’s awesome (as are his mom and dad.) If you haven’t heard us talk about him before, you DEFINITELY need to check him out here: https://standwithmario.bigcartel.com/

Oh, I can’t forget Aaron Wheelz. He was no doubt the coolest person at the entire event, but what made him even cooler was how down-to-earth he is and how good he is with kids! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SR581PpKueU

And of course, there was Ginger, who put the whole event together! Despite everything thrown at her, she made the event wonderful. 

We want to start attending more conferences! So, if you go to any conferences that are just awesome, let us know! [email protected] 

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