Status Update 1.4.19

Status update.

It’s January 4th already and we have a lot going on.  I figure the BEST way to make all of our TinySuperheroes (and their parents) feel loved and cared for is to keep our lines of communication wide open, but sometimes when you’re a bit buried in the day-to-day even that becomes a challenge.

Tonight I just wanted to give some status updates in hopes of reaching as many of you as we can to keep you on the same page!

Not sure how many of you were around to witness the great cape drought of July 2018. It was rough. Throughout the year more and more and more and more and more families were nominating their kids for capes.  It has been awesome.  I don’t want to say we were unprepared…so I’m going to say we were surprised.

So, we ordered a ton of capes*** (like twice as much as we ever had before)…but they didn’t arrive before we were completely out of capes, leaving hundreds of kids waiting (patiently) for their capes to arrive.


***There’s an idea floating around that we hand sew every cape and it is my goal to be transparent with you all whenever possible.  TinySuperheroes started by me sewing capes.  I probably sewed well over 1,000 capes from my kitchen cape (which my family loved) before it became too much to keep up with.  We now have our capes manufactured using our design, our fabric and our love…and we personalize the capes at our HQ in St. Louis. Would we love to hand-sew every cape?  Sure!  But would we have been able to send capes to the 20,000+ kids who have received them? Definitely not!  And since empowering kids is our Mission, this is the direction we have taken.


I digress….

In August, 8,000 capes arrived and we were elated. This is probably one of my most favorite photos of behind the scenes of TinySuperheroes because it so clearly represents how far we have come in our journey with TinySuperheroes.

Then December came…never ever ever ever ever ever in a MILLION years would I have guessed we would have sent out 8,000 capes in 4 months, but guess what, we did. It’s incredible really. And I over emphasize this on purpose…we want each and every child who receives a cape from us to feel our arms wrapped around them. (Hoping to accomplish this even more so with our new Patches Program!)

The craziest part about that is that every single one of those 8,000 capes (minus 60 that were given out at a hospital) was sent directly to a child’s home.

Here we are on January 4th. We did everything we could to avoid another drought but here we are.  Are we totally out of capes?  No…our capes come in various sizes and colors so that each TinySuperhero receives a cape that fits them perfectly.  So, we currently do have some available and are sending them out to everyone possible.  But, if a TinySuperhero is looking for a blue or red cape these days, we’re just completely out. And if they need a large pink or purple, we’re out of those, too.

The good news is in October we made another big order…this time we ordered 15,000 capes…and they are in progress, just not yet on their way. You better believe we will be ready for their arrival.

So, if you are one of these parents whose kids are waiting for their capes, I want you to know that I’m so sorry for the delay!  We kindly ask you for your trust and patience.  I have three kids (ages 7, 4 & 1)…trust me, I get it. If they were expecting a cape in the mailbox, this would be devastating…

Which is why I’m thrilled about the timing of our Patches Program which begins on Monday! Everyone is invited to participate, and I sure hope that all the kids who are waiting will be the first to sign up!

Thanks for sticking with us!  We love you all and are SO excited for what is ahead for 2019. Our focus (as we continue welcoming more kids to our Squad) is for be the fuel they need to unlock their superpowers.  This is no small task, but we’re ready to take it on!  We will continue communicating with you to the very best of our ability!




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  1. Condition Black
    Condition Black says:

    I will put the offer out there again of my availability/willingness to help sew! Ty has decided that he is not too old for a cape after all lol so I will wait to order his til you are restocked as he will need a larger size and will most certainly want a red one! lol He is looking forward to beginning the patch program on Monday. Also, what do I need to do to get a birthday patch for him and his sidekick sister who is super in her own rite! Their birthday is February 2nd! (yes, they share a birthday! lol)

  2. Rachel
    Rachel says:

    Robyn, you have a heart of gold. Thank you for caring about our kids so much. I am so grateful for you and your team. You’re making a difference in a big way. Xoxo 🙂

  3. Coty Johnson
    Coty Johnson says:

    Still waiting patiently for supper Jackson and super Isaac cape and you guys make kids happy and like a super hero

  4. Ashley Whitehead
    Ashley Whitehead says:

    I believe that you are doing wonderfully Robyn. Thank you for your transparency! Super Emma-Dawn & Super Elodie will await patiently. I had decided that I will not tell them about the capes until I have them in band or until i get the shipping email so that way it isn’t an issue with them. It takes time to build a business and mission. You got this!

  5. Brandi Alluis
    Brandi Alluis says:

    Robyn I’ve been trying 2 reach u to see if You received Luke’s first mission completed. I followed the steps and everything. I even posted the pictures. I’ve sent u a friend request& even on messenger! It told me that we are still in the squad but now it’s saying I just like it.


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