St. Louis Cardinal’s Rally Behind TinySuperheroes!

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When I sent the very first TinySuperheroes cape to Super Brenna in January of 2013, I had a few hopes in store for that package.

  1. For Brenna to feel like a superhero.
  2. For her family to know that I knew she was a superhero.
  3. For other people to see just how Extraordinary she is, too!

Never did I imagine that this would become my life’s work.  Never did I imagine how blessed I would be by the thousands of families I have had the privilege of getting to know in person and from afar.  And NEVER did I imagine that two pieces of fabric could become a powerful source of hope, courage and strength for many.  But all of this has happened…over and over again.

My list of hopes and dreams for TinySuperheroes has grown, but my original desires for these kids to feel like superheroes, for them to know that I know they are superheroes, and for others to recognize their super powers remain at front lines of my journey with TinySuperheroes today.

Last night, the St. Louis Cardinal’s offered an opportunity to our local TinySuperheroes families that brought all three of these things to life!  Eight TinySuperheroes and their families joined us at the Cardinal’s game for Superheroes Night!  They got to mingle with Spiderman, Superman, Batman and Captain America … and best of all, they got to hand out their very own TinySuperheroes Squad Cards and reveal their super powers to fans at the game!

The glow on the faces of all of the TinySuperheroes (siblings included) was priceless. Getting to spread the word that our differences are our super powers is what TinySuperheroes is all about!

Super Liam, Super Bradly & Super Elise SOAR!

Super Liam, Super Bradly & Super Elise SOAR!

We are so grateful for the St. Louis Cardinal’s and for the experience they gave these families last night. We are hopeful that as TinySuperheroes continues to grow, the hearts in the communities around us will grow alongside us. And one cape at a time, we hope that ALL children with ALL abilities feel empowered to embrace what makes each of them unique and special.

Check out our photo gallery below!


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  1. Rob Niemira
    Rob Niemira says:

    What a phenomenal time. I can’t describe the joy tinysuperheroes brings to its squad members. Keep up the great work!!!


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