Super Angel

I have learned so much from my son…. I will go to the end of the world to find a cure for him.

— Super Angel’s Mom

To Infinity and Beyond!!! Meet Super Angel!

This Extraordinary TinySuperhero exudes strength and resilience, and will surely be a leader on our Extraordinary TinySuperhero Squad.

Super Angel is 10 (almost 11) years old and has truly fought through more than most ever will in a lifetime. Angel was born in California in 2002 with bilateral cleft lips and palette. So by the time he was 5 years old, he had already endured 6 surgeries for these repairs. Because of this, Angel understandably was not a fan of doctors and hospitals. So, in 2008 when Angel told his mom he needed her to take him to the doctor, she knew something was wrong.

Angel had been play fighting with his younger brother. His younger brother placed his foot on Angel’s stomach and Angel started crying in pain. Knowing the kind of pain that her five year old had already endured in his life, Angel’s mom knew that his pain was real and took him to Urgent Care. Angel’s mom pushed back when they tried to send him home with Tylenol, and the resulting ultrasound showed something abnormal next to his liver.

A CT scan revealed a 10 cm tumor in his adrenal glands, and on December 12, 2008, Super Angel was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer. Neuroblastoma is a rare disease most commonly found in children under 1 year old. The nerve cells called neuroblasts, which normally grow and mature into functioning nerve cells, become cancer cells instead.

Since his diagnosis in 2008, Angel has had three surgeries to remove tumors, 28 radiations, one stem cell transplant antibody treatment, and two different chemotherapy medical trials.  Right now, Angel is facing his 5th relapse, after just 3 months in remission. The cancer is currently in his left shoulder, abdomen, and bone marrow. They recently arrived in San Francisco where Angel will receive a new trial of chemotherapy, a medical trial of MIBG therapy, and stem cell rescue.

Then, in two weeks, they will re-scan to see how the tumors responded.

At home, Super Angel has a loving and supporting family. His mom is his sidekick through all of these hospital stays. Angel has said that he gets his strength and energy from his MaMa, and he needs her when he’s in the hospital.  Their bond is pretty obvious as his mom recently shaved her head for him. “The hardest thing that I have to live with during this journey is that I leave my other three kids behind when I stay in the hospitals for days, weeks, even months.” Super Angel’s Mom

Super Angel has two brothers and one sister who he is very close with. His older brother Mario is his best friend. When Mario was six years old, he learned how to help give Angel his G Tube feedings.

Super Angel’s sidekicks help keep him strong. In his short 10 years, he has gone through 9 major surgeries and is still fighting for his life. We are inspired at his determination and endurance, and we truly are honored to have him on our Extraordinary TinySuperhero Squad. While he is clearly incredible, he’s also a normal 10 year old! He loves video games, grilled cheese, hot cakes, mashed potatoes, pizza, and (my favorite) Dr. Pepper! He’s also quite the musician and can really rock out on the drums.

Super Angel volunteered to represent the thousands of kids like him who are fighting cancer for their life, living through radiation, surgeries, and relapses. You can sponsor a cape in Angel’s honor to empower another TinySuperhero like him! If you do, we’ll be sure to let Super Angel know he inspired you to do so!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    My son saw Angel’s picture and cried out, "LIKE BUZZY!"

    So, indeed, Super Angel! To infinity and beyond with your powers!

  2. says:

    Super Angel that is a fitting name for you. May god see you safely through these trials and you live a happy and fulfilled life!

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Angel, Your story has touched me deeply. I am currently sewing capes for Tiny Superheroes, and think of you with every cape I sew! You and your family and in my thoughts and prayers!! 🙂

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    How many adults would still have that grin on their face after five relapses? You are awesome, Angel, keep up the good fight!


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